Liberal City Firefighters Are Tired Of Burning City – So They Endorse Trump

Democrats are known, these days, for two things. One, socialist policies. The other, taking for granted their voter base. We’ve seen how black Americans are walking away from Democrats after years of being under their thumb. But blue-collar workers and unions of all kinds are abandoning the left’s candidate in support of Trump. Add another union to the list, as this Philadelphia group is backing the president.

Why have unions historically backed Democrats? It might seem odd these days, considering the left’s love of illegal immigrants (who take union jobs). But long, long ago, Democrats championed the working class over management. Democrats like FDR and JFK were considered heroes of those just struggling to make ends meet. And, over time, this has become the norm.

But today, much has changed. Democrats have much more in common with elite globalists than regular blue-collar Joes. The values of an East Coast/West Coast liberal elite in no way resemble the values of a hard-working roughneck, police office, or firefighter. While Democrats want more socialism to help them feel better than you, blue-collar folks just want to put food on the table.

Those two goals are not compatible.

Meanwhile, Trump has successfully passed legislation and policy that puts working Americans first. He has slashed regulations and taxes and land trade deals that have brought more jobs back. And even during the COVID panic, he quickly worked to reopen states so that people weren’t out of jobs forever.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that unions are breaking from tradition to back him. And in a city suffering from Democrat-provoked riots, one union is announcing their endorsement.

The Philadelphia Firefighters Union has voted to uphold its endorsement of President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

The American Arbitration Association, which represents the Internation Association of Firefighters Local 22, sent out ballots to its members two weeks ago and asked whether the firefighters in the union wanted to repeal the union’s endorsement of President Trump.

After the ballots were filled out and returned, the union found that 1,400 of its members wanted to uphold the endorsement, while 782 members wanted to repeal public support for the president…

Multiple police organizations and unions who represent first responders have shown public support for President Trump with endorsements over the last few months. The Fraternal Order of Police, which has an estimated 335,000 members, endorsed President Trump in September. [Source: Breitbart]

Funny how, just before the election, someone within this union tried to revoke their standing endorsement for Trump. But an overwhelming majority of its members voted to back the president. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Democrats have condoned violent riots in Philly that have seen widespread destruction?

Perhaps more than a few firefighters have seen their own homes or communities torched? We all know the left calls these riots “peaceful protests.” Only Trump is willing to call them what they really are and demand an end to them.

The president of the union wrote that President Trump “has our backs.” That can’t be said of Joe Biden and the Democrats, who prioritize the needs of criminals and rioters over hard-working Americans.

And Democrats don’t seem to be doing anything to change that. They still take for granted the votes of union workers—and do nothing to make their lives better.

They shouldn’t be surprised when they lose their votes.

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