Liberal City Attempts To ‘Cancel’ Halloween – Residents Quickly Make Them Regret It

Since the start of the COVID panic, Democrat-run cities have upended life as we know it. Their knee-jerk policies have shut down everything from restaurants to concerts. It’s been months since most states have been safely reopening, but Democrats still refuse to budge. Now, the City of Los Angeles faced intense backlash when they even tried to cancel Halloween.

The numbers speak for themselves. At the start of the pandemic, we saw the highest number of deaths (most were the elderly). That number steadily drop since then. Even the “surge” over June/July decreased rapidly (those were only positive tests, btw, deaths stayed low). By now, most Americans aren’t even talking about COVID anymore.

The overall sentiment in your neighbor is probably, “Let’s just get back to normal.” And, in many places, that’s just what they’re doing. But not so fast! If you live in a deeply blue city or state, you might not be getting back to normal anytime soon. In fact, it seems the leaders you elected are content with keeping you in a Dark Age-like scenario for as long as it suits them.

In the corrupt City of Los Angeles, they not only deprive the children of going to school, but they don’t even want them celebrating one of the biggest nights of the year.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health created Halloween 2020 guidance on Saturday that effectively banned the holiday…

Under the new guidelines, Los Angeles kids looking to celebrate Halloween — which falls on a Saturday instead of the usual school-night — will be forced to forgo costume parties, carnivals, haunted houses, and other live events, even if they are hosted outdoors.

In the original September 5 guidance, trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treating were prohibited. [Source: Daily Wire]

Even though children (and their parents) face roughly zero percent risk from COVID, the communist leaders of LA have decided to ban nearly every aspect of Halloween. The kids can’t even wear a friggin costume.

If this were March or April, these restrictions would have made a little more sense. But we’ve gone through months of the pandemic and have seen children stand no risk. Shockingly few children have suffered from the disease, even fewer have died.

Yet these monsters saw fit to take away yet another important moment from their lives.

But, don’t worry! After intense backlash, the city graciously gave them back trick-or-treating.

However, new guidelines released on Wednesday afternoon have since moved those two activities into a new “not recommended” category, which wasn’t in the previous guidelines. [Source: Daily Wire]

Is anyone still buying the left’s BS over COVID? We all know they are still desperately exaggerating this situation because they think it will help them in the election. But it’s not Republicans ruining children’s lives with these terrible rules. Only in deeply blue states do we see people unable to go about their normal lives. Only places run by crooked Democrats for years prevent schools from opening, churches from assembling, and children from having fun.

If these “leaders” were really paying attention to the data, they would know that—by now—you have a greater risk of dying in a car accident than dying from COVID. But these Democrats don’t care about Americans. They are tyrants who relish the fact they can just shut down our lives at any moment, citing a disease that is a wimp compared to the common flu.

Over the Summer, Democrats have lost every last shred of credibility to their name. Maybe at the beginning of all this, we would have bought their excuse that they just want to keep us safe. But when they ban Halloween—but still allow BLM protests—we know they’re just full of it.

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