Leftist Smears Against Cops Take An Even ‘Darker’ Turn

A chocolate shop in the ultra-liberal city of Seattle, Washington decided to deny service to a group of police officers this week.

The shop in question, Chocolati, reportedly refused to serve uniformed police officers for no reason other than they were members of law enforcement.

“No, I won’t serve you,”

A uniformed police officer, accompanied by a trainee, were the targets of the not-so-sweet customer service at the chocolate shop. A third officer told a local news outlet that he, too, experienced similar treatment at a different Chocolati location.

When a local news outlet contacted the anti-cop employee for comment, he responded by telling the reporter to “go f— yourself.”

Chocolati’s website gives no mention of their Far-Left bent, nor does it mention their refusal to serve members of law enforcement.

However, the company has promoted the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, calling on customers to participate in the Blackout Day of 2020.

Last year, leaders of the BLM movement demanded their supporters only spend money at businesses owned by black people.

Radical BLM Activists have demanded a 20% decrease in funding for The Seattle Police Department, which was subsequently carried out by the city’s Far-Left mayor Jenny Durkan. The Police Department is currently facing a staffing crisis, resulting in massive spikes in crime around the Seattle.

Police departments nationwide have experienced a mass exodus considering the Radical Left, anti-cop climate. In Seattle, the lack of deployable uniformed officers has reached it’s lowest number since the 80’s. To top it off, 193 officers left the force in 2020 alone.

Author: Josh Eckstein