Leftist Governor Weaponizes Abortion Ban To Attack Gun Rights, See How…

On Friday, the Supreme Court left in effect the Texas law that enables private citizens to sue anyone who performs or assists a woman in getting an abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy.

The Texas law was designed by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature to avoid normal means of legal challenge, because rather than making state officials responsible for enforcement, it instead gave private individuals anywhere the right to sue doctors who provide abortion services in Texas and anyone else who “aids or abets” the process.

While allowing the Texas law to remain in effect, the court ruled legal challenges may proceed against the measure, which critics say amounts to vigilante justice.

Newsom vowed to diminish the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Californians by weaponizing his left-wing influence within the state legislature. He said work has immediately begun with state Attorney General Rob Bonta and the legislature to draft a proposal in line with the Texas law that would let citizens sue manufacturers, sellers or distributors of assault weapons or ghost gun kits for at least $10,000 per violation.

Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in a dissent to Friday’s decision, blasted the court’s majority for failing to “put an end to this madness” and warned that other states could try to copy the Texas enforcement mechanism.

President Joe Biden said he was “very concerned” by the decision to leave in place the abortion ban but said it was “encouraging” that the court allowed part of the abortion providers’ lawsuit to continue.

Meanwhile, there’s one glaring fact omitted from Newsom’s decision to copy the Texas law.

Abortion is by no means and in absolutely no way a Constitutional right, while the right to bear arms is inextricably linked with the Bill of Rights despite what radical leftists may think.

Democrats and their baby-killing cohorts routinely pick apart the Constitutional in an effort to justify widescale unrestricted access to abortion, yet fail to recognize that gun ownership is a fundamental right clearly laid out by our Founding Fathers.

Endless cherry picking of the written word is an often-used tool on the left, especially when they’re legal arguments hold no merit.

Author: Asa McCue