Leaked Video Uncovers Zuckerberg’s Darkest Secret

Big Tech Overlord Mark Zuckerberg was exposed in a secretly recorded video. His company’s anti-Trump bias is on full display for everyone to enjoy.

In the video, you’ll hear Mark attempt to justify his bias claiming Trump “undermined the peaceful and lawful transition of power.” Surely a bogus statement given the constant hurdles Trump had to jump through to peacefully serve as President. 

The undercover video was obtained by none other than Project Veritas in an attempt to expose the inner workings of a Big Tech giant like Facebook.

Project Veritas took to twitter to announce their findings: 

Zuckerberg proceeds to say how Trump ‘should’ have used his social media, a dangerous tactic that should concern every American. Mark believes the only appropriate use for Trump’s social media was to denounce the on-going Capitol protests.

You’ll also hear Zuckerberg repeat the outlandish claim that Black Lives Matter protesters were somehow treated unfairly compared to Capitol protestors. 

Project Veritas’s founder Jame O’Keefe tweeted even more footage showing the glowing praise Biden receives in the liberal haven called Facebook.

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