Leaked Docs Expose Atrocities Committed By Biden’s “Best Buddy”

Joe Biden and his entire administration is not only complacent with the human rights atrocities committed by China’s President Xi, but has put their own personal stamp of approval on them.

Documents obtained by human rights activists from the People’s Republic of China show that Xi Jinping, ordered the implementation of measures to persecute Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang Province in “top secret” speeches during the 2010s.

Xi reportedly gave the orders in a series of speeches and statements, Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow with Victims of Communism, claimed in a Twitter thread on Nov. 29, citing 317 pages of documents leaked to the Uyghur Tribunal.

Zenz noted that the failing New York Times has been sitting on these documents since 2019 but has failed to publish them out of an ostensible protection of Communist China.

Side bar: why does China successfully exact such influence over American media outlets?

Oh, wait…

Zenz’s thread on Twitter summarized a lengthy introduction released by the Uyghur Tribunal that discussed the 11 “high-resolution digital images of original Chinese paper documents.”

One estimate claims as many as two million Uyghurs are being held in camps by the Chinese government. A number of companies, including Nike and Apple, have reportedly benefited from forced labor camps, according to multiple reports.

The Trump administration declared that genocide was taking place shortly before leaving office on Jan. 20. Since the Biden administration took office, the declaration has remained in place, although former Secretary of State John Kerry has made statements that the situation should not preclude cooperation with China on climate change.

The Chinese government has reacted harshly when criticized over its human rights record. It banned the Boston Celtics from Chinese media after Enes Kanter spoke out, and a Marriott hotel in Prague cancelled a planned event by activists seeking to publicize the human rights situation involving Uyghurs.

Meanwhile, while the Biden administration prioritizes climate change over the genocide of millions of Chinese Muslims, the Democrat Party as a whole has remained eerily silent.

No mention of Muslim genocide from Rep. Ilhan Omar, for example, who routinely weaponizes her Islamic faith to chastise conservatives and charge them with racism.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth