Leaked Audio Proves Trump Was Ambushed — But Not By Who You’d Expect

Despite the report, audio of the phone call between Trump and Frances Watson proves there he never asked Georgia officials to “find the fraud”. Trump was viciously maligned by the mainstream press, oftentimes calling for is arrest. 

On the call with Watsen, Trump urged Georgia to review signatures from mail-in-ballots to identify possibly fraud. Never once did the Former President push any state official to find and record votes that were not cast. 

The New York Post was the first major publication to correct or retract the story on Trump after the bombshell audio dropped. 

The news outlet said both the headline and text of the original story “have been corrected to remove quotes misattributed to Trump.”

As a result of the wild misreporting, Georgia state officials from different counties have launched criminal investigations into Trump’s “mishandling” of the 2020 election. 

The Georgia secretary of state’s office is also conducting a probe after multiple calls Trump made to Georgia state officials about tracking down potential voter fraud that could flip the presidential vote.

Officials in Georgia found the eye-opening recording between Trump and Watson in a trash folder on Watson’s computer. 

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