Leading Squad Dem Wins Award For Best Dramatic Performance

Radical socialist lawmaker Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) revealed she’s experienced a significant amount of “trauma” since the incident at the Capitol on Jan 6. Her trauma is apparently so unbearable, the lawmaker revealed she’s currently seeking therapy to deal with the effects.

The congresswoman largely blamed the Trump administration and Republican Party in general for their “treatment of Latinos” for her distress.

Other members of the Squad have voiced the “trauma” they felt over the protests in D.C. earlier this year. The events caused Rep. Ayanna Pressley to “take some time to deal with what she went through” despite not being in any real danger. In fact, the only harm caused by the protests was experienced by a Trump supporter who eventually lost her life at the hands of Capitol Police.

“If I take a couple months and just be really good, then I don’t have to live with this thing festering and lingering with me like a roommate in my apartment for years,” the radical congresswoman said.

Following the Captiol protests, AOC made a series of declarations on the House floor, in press interviews, and on her heavily-followed Instagram account claiming she “almost died” during the events. The socialist exploited the “trauma” she felt on that day to boost her public image and create a media firestorm

Lawmakers reactively passed a nearly-$2 trillion bill to ramp up security at the Capitol, and agreed to move ahead with a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 events. Republicans have categorically opposed such commission.

As a result of the unrest, federal agents have arrested over 400 suspects they believe participated in the protests – many of whom have been charged with felonious crimes.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth