Late Nite Host Accuses GOP of Racism–Gets Slammed With Facts

Late night “comedian” Seth Meyers pulled out the tired, disproven claim that President Trump and Republicans only care about white people. He made the lazy joke during his little-watched late show. But the facts were against him, big time. And Senator Ted Cruz revealed which party really does have a diversity problem.

Let’s get some facts straight, shall we? Since Donald Trump became president, non-white Americans have been enjoying one of their greatest periods in American history. Why is that? Because the president’s policies are working for them, seemingly more than anyone else.

Because Trump is tough on illegal immigration, it has protected the blue-collar jobs of American citizens. That resulted in companies hiring more Americans—and increasing their wages to keep them. Something Democrats don’t like to admit is that illegal immigrant labor disproportionately hurts black workers. But thank’s to Trump, black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been in the country’s history.

On top of that, Trump passed historic prison reform in the First Step Act. This law offered numerous reforms to our criminal justice system—reforms advocates have been demanding for years. We all know that black Americans make up the majority of incarcerated Americans. This law paves a way for them to return to free society, with fewer hurdles. Even Democrats declared this law a big win.

But Obama never bothered to push for this kind of change. How odd.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can also point to two major polls that reveal black voter approval of Trump is reaching unprecedented highs. Or how Hispanic (and women) unemployment are also at record lows.

Yet Seth Meyer, host of the dismal Late Nite with Seth Meyers made the tired joke that Republicans don’t care about minorities. Not only was it a weak line, but built on obvious lies. Ted Cruz was on hand to humiliate him.

“The GOP fights for everyone?” Meyer’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Twitter account posted, captioning a meme of the host’s monologue.

“President Trump praised the Republican Party in a tweet and said it fights for ‘citizens from every background, and from every, race, religion, color and creed,’” the top of the meme reads.

Thee bottom half, where it shows a photo of President Donald Trump smiling, adds: “And after he tweeted that, even his Twitter avatar couldn’t keep a straight face.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s a bad time for Democrats to talk about diversity, considering their 2020 lineup.

“Seth, why is your party’s [presidential primary debate] stage all-white?” Cruz asked. “Only 78-yr-old socialists need apply?”

“The GOP debate stage was quite different,” continued the senator. “Why has no Hispanic won even a single primary state in the history of Dem party?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch. The 2020 Democrat field is made up of white people over the age of 70. Not quite diverse, is it Seth? The last Republican field contained one African American and two Hispanic candidates.

Democrats love accusing Republicans of being racist. But what has the left done to really help Americans of color? Before Trump entered office, minorities suffered from the highest levels of poverty, lack of education, and crime.

Liberals have promised minorities the moon, but never deliver. They exploit race to win elections, then leave minorities in the dust.

President Trump has actually made good on his promises to help all Americans. His director of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, is getting companies to invest billions into the inner city. Trump is reforming education so that all Americans can succeed.

The end result is that a record number of women and people of color are running for congressional seats as Republicans in 2020. More Republicans are running than in 2010, the last time Congress flipped red.

That’s what Meyers is really worried about, another GOP landslide. So, he’s pulling out the same, tired lies to drag minorities back into the Dark Ages of liberal control.

But he’s failing. Everyone can see that one party is helping all Americans and another only cares about the rich and powerful.

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