Landmark SCOTUS Ruling Green Lights GOP Election Laws

It’s becoming more and more difficult for liberals to steal elections. After the debacle in 2020, numerous Republican-led states have signed sweeping election reform legislation into law to the chagrin of Democrats who believe democracy should bent at their will. Now, Republicans have been vindicated by the nation’s highest Court.

In a landmark decision, The Supreme Court voted 6-3 to uphold Arizona voting restrictions which will prevent Democrats from overturning voting measures Republicans have established to protect the integrity of elections. Liberals are up-in-arms over the decision, parroting the usual tropes of “racism” and other useless and untrue platitudes we expect from them at this point.

The court reversed a lower court ruling on two provisions of Arizon’s voting law that were approved years before the polarizing 2020 presidential election. State officials passed a law in 2016 barring unions and advocacy organizations from collecting voters’ mail-in ballots, a practice that critics call “ballot harvesting.”

Associate Justice Samuel Alito, joined by the court’s conservatives, wrote the opinion reversing the ruling by the the Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Alito wrote that voting in Arizona is “equally open” to all eligible voters and that “mere inconvenience cannot be enough to demonstrate a violation” of the Voting Rights Act.

Associate Justice Elena Kagan wrote a dissent on behalf of the liberal view in the case.

The lower court had held that the measures disproportionately affected Black, Hispanic, and Native American voters in violation of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

The Biden administration has flip-flopped on this case recently. In February, the Biden administration submitted an unusual letter to the Supreme Court, asserting that Arizona’s laws appeared to be legal. Despite the administration’s admission that Arizona’s laws were legal, thus agreeing with the SCOTUS decision, Biden has since decried the justices for their ruling, falling down the “woke” rabbit hole in the wake of many of his Democrat cohorts.

Author: Asa McCue