Kamala’s Crisis ‘Solution’ Is So Bad Even Democrats Are Laughing

Instead of securing the border, supporting law enforcement officials, and finishing Trump’s wall, Vice President Kamala Harris has decided to tackle the current crisis by planting trees to eliminate “climate change.” Harris has identified natural disasters and other effects of “climate change” as the root cause of massive illegal migration into the United States.

Joe Biden has tasked V.P. Harris with managing the on-going surge of illegal immigration, yet many have viewed Kamala as taking a back seat to the crisis.

Harris associated climate change with the current surge of migration at the U.S.-Mexico border. She believes extreme weather conditions have gravely affected the Central American agricultural industry, leaving residents in dire situations. Not one Central American leader ever mentioned draught, or any other natural disaster, as the root cause for migration during Trump’s tenure.

However, typical of the Democrat strategy du-jour, Kamala jerks at heartstrings to distract from the proposal at hand, which in this case, is mass amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

“If parents and children cannot literally eat, if they cannot have the basic essential things that everyone needs to live, of course they’re going to flee.”

Kamala is scheduled to meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday.

The Vice President confirmed a trip to Central America, claiming she “couldn’t get there soon enough.”

With her eagerness to visit with Central American leaders, many ask why Harris has such hesitation in visiting the border in her own country.

Kamala’s strategy is in direct repudiation of Former President Trump, who successfully prevented a border crisis by physically preventing illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Biden and Harris have taken the easier, more expensive route, vowing to help regional governments with American taxpayer dollars.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth