Kamala Tells Blue-Collar Workers What She Really Thinks Of Them

This statement proves the Democratic Party has lost touch with the backbone of America. Not everyone can inherit billions of a ketchup empire, John. 

Just when you thought pandering to the American working class reached its peak, Kamala Harris chimes in with some equally riveting remarks.

 The VP did an interview for a local station in West Virginia where she urged Sen. Manchin to back the current COVID-19 stimulus deal. She then proceeded to mock the coal mine economy, referring to them as “land mines.” Not even a month in to their reign and Kamala Harris has done wonders, angering half of the country. 

Sen. Manchin was totally blindsided by this interview. As expected, he’s not shy to convey his anger. 

Joe and Kamala never expected such pushback on their trillion-dollar stimulus from members of their own party. Unfortunately for them, Kamala’s little interview seemed to do more harm then good. Here’s the thing: they need Sen. Manchin’s support to even pass this massive bill. 

Sources close to Sen. Manchin say he was no shy to convey his displeasure privately to senior White House Officials. 

Before Kamala’s disturbing interview, top Democrats on capitol hill voiced their concern over Manchin’s ability to topple their plan to rush through the trillion-dollar stimulus plan.

Manchin is now left with two options: play hardball and refuse to back the budget, or insist that Biden and Democrats lower the price of the bill.

Seems like Sleepy Joe isn’t the only one making egregious errors while in office. For Harris and her elite party officials, their hatred for normal, hard-working Americans who work in coal mines will surely create a rift unlikely to be recovered from.  

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