Kamala Slips — Reveals Truth About Vaccine

The best thing about being a Democrat is being able to make asinine comments in public without any pushback from the mainstream media whatsoever. 

During an interview late last week, Kamala Harris took full advantage of this fact. 

When asked by longtime D.C. journalist what the hardest part of managing the coronavirus pandemic, the Vice President had this to say: 

“There wasn’t a stockpile of vaccines, right?” Harris said. “There was no plan or national strategy for vaccinations. We are starting from scratch on something that’s been waging war on our country for a year because the states and cities were left to fight for themselves.”

Kamala’s assumption that there would be a “stockpile” of vaccines for her and Joe Biden to simply hand out is ridiculous. Trump’s plan to rush distribution and government testing was to ensure quick as possible vaccination for as many Americans as possible, not to hoard it for Harris and Biden to find after entering the White House.

If President Trump had been stockpiling vaccines while Americans continued to die from the virus, he would have been even more a media villain than he already is.  

Kamala fully understands a vaccine “stockpile” is an impossibility. Given the short length of time it’s been on the market, plus the rushed process of approval, it’s highly unlikely Harris is unaware of these facts. It’s just more dirty politics. 

Kamala’s second point is moot as well. By saying “there’s no national strategy because the states and cities were left to fight fo themselves” implies that she’s completely unaware of the existence of governors and mayors. They exist for precisely these moments, and their job isn’t to serve as non-working placeholder. They’re supposed to govern their states and cities and, when necessary, ask for additional support at the federal level.

America is a giant country. How are the huddled elite in Washington D.C. expected to govern every city and state as to how to distribute their vaccines. Again, that’s the purpose of mayors and governors.

Finally, the new administration is not “starting from scratch.” The liberal saint Dr. Fauci already denied the claim that the Trump administration was less efficacious, navigating the pandemic without a plan. If anything, Biden and Harris assumed office with a care package nicely wrapped with a bow on top. The vaccines were ready.

All Biden and Harris done since taking office is complain the job hasn’t already been done for them, The Democrats are allowed to behave this way, though. The mainstream media lets them. 

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