Kamala Slips – Admits She Doesn’t Want To Be Seen With Biden In Public

The media tried to sell the Biden/Harris package as some kind of dream team. They were the anti-Trump/Pence solution to a presidency “hated” by America. They were the light in the darkness, the dynamic duo to “save” the country.

Wow, were they full of hot air.

We all know how Biden is crashing and burning. But his former enemy-turned-vice president is certainly not helping. In fact, she has done little to assist or support the administration from day one. She was given several jobs; none of which worked out. Now, a new report is suggesting she is trying to distance herself from Biden, as he crashes and burns.

Vice President Kamala Harris has reportedly distanced herself from President Joe Biden, reducing the number of public appearances together since February.

For instance, the Daily Mail reported Harris held 18 public appearances with Biden in February…

Fast forward to October, Harris has thus far reduced her public appearances with Biden to one…

Harris’ public events with Biden have slowly been dropping since February. The following are the number of public events Harris has held with Biden since January, according to the Daily Mail:

  1. January – 9
  2. February – 18
  3. March – 13
  4. April – 10
  5. May – 5
  6. June – 5
  7. July – 8
  8. August – 5
  9. September – 1
  10. October – 1 [Source: Breitbart]

Ugg, that can’t be a coincidence. Biden tapped Harris to “fix” the border crisis back in the Spring. She did nothing, not even visiting the border she was supposed to be fixing. She did, though, travel around the world to visit government leaders.

During the Afghanistan crisis, she was practically MIA. She did not support or back the president, even as he was flailing in the water. That was probably because she previously boasted about supporting his half-baked plan to pull our troops.

Not that Harris would be able to do much by Biden’s side. She was one of the least effective members of the Senate. During the Democratic primary, she only received 2% support. Her most recent “contribution” to the administration—a video with kids about careers in space—was panned for hiring child actors instead of real students.

When on camera, Harris is clumsy, uninspiring, and downright foolish. She is best known for her nervous cackle, when asked tough questions. Her awkward laugh only makes her appear callous and disconnected from the struggles of real Americans.

Biden picked her because of her race and gender. But she is perhaps the worst representative for American women and people of color. And now, she is abandoning Biden when she could be helping. Perhaps she is more concerned with her future political prospects.

Sorry, Kamala, you hitched your wagon to Biden’s star. And you’ll go down with him.

Author: Paul Johnson