Kamala Begs Americans To See Her “Heroism” — No One Is Convinced

It goes without saying, but since Joe Biden assumed his role in the White House the entire country has gone awry. The election that secured Biden’s nomination is rife with fraud, let alone his policies. From Middle East security to Big Tech censorship, the cognitively-deficient “president” has truly let the American people down.

However, nothing pales in comparison to what Joe Biden has done to the US-Mexico border.

On day one of his presidency, Biden has reversed or destroyed many of the Trump-era immigration policies that ensured a safe and secure border. Trump’s Remain-in-Mexico policy was among the first to be scratched despite its common sense practices and effectiveness over the last four years.

Not to mention the harrowing efforts by Kamala Harris to reverse the border crisis her boss created. The Vice President has only recently even visited the scene of the crime, choosing instead to visit leaders of neighboring countries to discuss the “root causes” of northern migration, most notable the invisible monster called “Climate Change.” VP Harris has been the border “point person” since April.

Kamala announced her border visit two days after Former President Donald Trump revealed he’d be going to the border he once worked to hard to secure.

The American people seem to agree: Kamala Harris is incompetent on the border crisis.

According to recent polling, 62% of American voters believe that Kamala Harris is overseeing a failed “crisis” on the US-Mexico border.

The poll also asked, “How would you rate the job Vice President Harris is doing on immigration?”

Of those who responded, 61% believe Kamala is fairing “poor to fair,” with poor fairing the heaviest at 48% of American voters. Only 33% of Americans believe she has done a “good to excellent” job on managing the border.

You can read the full poll here:


Respondents were also asked, “Is the Biden administration’s immigration policy better or worse than former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy? Or is there not much difference in the policy between Biden and Trump?”

49% said the border policies of President Joe Biden and Harris are worse than former President Trump’s, and only 35% said they are better.

The polling comes as pro-migration activists and business lobbyists are demanding to Biden’s inner circle that it is politically safe to open the border if they also push back against the GOP’s “border chaos” theme.

Biden officials have also flirted with the idea of dropping Title 42, the barrier put in place by Former President Trump as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

Biden’s deputies are hinting they will partially drop the barrier in July to let migrant families rejoin their illegal migrant husbands in U.S. cities. They are also suggesting they will drop the barrier in August to let more migrant job-seekers enter the country via the asylum process.

These changes will likely create massive migration, as many migrants will be allowed to move into U.S. communities in search of jobs and schooling for their children.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth