Just In Time: Battleground State Drops Election Bombshell

It’s safe to say that Democrats want us to forget all about the disastrous 2020 Election. But as we witness the Biden administration turn into a Communist dictatorship, we need to look back and ask how we got here.

Numerous states have been conducting thorough audits of their 2020 Election results. And it’s safe to say that the information coming out is eye-opening. The media and establishment might blast Donald Trump for his ongoing insistence that the race was stolen. But the intensity of their claims that he’s “lying” makes us wonder… are they protesting too much?

Concerning news is coming out from many key states Biden won. Turns out, more ballots were lost or rejected than helped Biden win. In Georgia, 27,000 ballots were rejected; Biden won it by only 11,000. In Wisconsin, 83,000 ballots went missing. And in Arizona, another state Biden won by a slim margin, it looks like more ballots weren’t counted.

Now, we come to Pennsylvania, a state Biden won by 80,000 votes. It seems they really dropped the ball, however, as they lost a shocking 440,000 ballots.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) released another stunning research brief on the 2020 election Thursday, this time reporting that more than 440,000 mail ballots in Pennsylvania “went missing or undeliverable” in a state Joe Biden won by a certified margin of just 80,555 votes.

“The 2020 General Election set a record in Pennsylvania for rejected mail ballots by election officials. Also, the state lost track of more ballots than the difference in votes between Trump and Biden,” PILF said in a statement that accompanied the release of the report. [Source: Breitbart]

Plenty of people have wondered how Trump could have so easily lost states he won in 2016? Especially after his first term and running against a senile man hiding in his basement? We might be getting our answer.

According to this report, 3.1 million ballots were mailed in by PA voters in 2020. A disturbing 425,606 were lost; nobody knows what happened to them. On top of that, 15,175 ballots were determined “undeliverable.” An additional 34,171 ballots were rejected by election officials. A total of 440,781 were cast by Americans, but were not counted. A number four times higher than the margin Biden won by.

That kind of cast the race in a very different light, doesn’t it? How can the state lose track of that many ballots? That’s higher than the population of some counties, some states even. And it’s certainly enough votes to change the course of an election several times over.

What answer does the state have for this shocking error? None, so far. This is an embarrassment for any state, no matter how you slice it. When you add up the other missing or lost ballots in other states, you have to wonder just what was going on?

Was Biden the rightful winner of that election? It doesn’t matter what YouTube or Facebook says, nearly 15 million ballots were not counted in the election, from across the country. That is not acceptable. Had states (and the postal service) done their jobs properly, perhaps we would not be in the mess we are in right now.

Author: Tom Smith