Joe Rogan Embarrasses CNN Doctor Over Insane COVID Lies

Vengeance sure is sweet, especially when it’s directed at CNN.

Arguably the most influential podcast host and comedian, Joe Rogan, invited CNN’s chief medical adviser Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the Joe Rogan Experience. The premise of this particular episode was for Gupta to try and convince Rogan to get vaccinated for COVID-19, even though he’s already had the virus and is brimming with natural immunity.

The conversation quickly changed course when Rogan confronted Gupta and his network for broadcasting salacious mistruths about the podcast host’s decision to use Ivermectin to treat his case of COVID.

Gupta looked stumped: he must not have expected to be confronted by Rogan, who was necessarily relentless.

Rogan asked the CNN doctor point blank, “Does it bother you that the news network you work for out and out lied? Just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?”

To where Dr. Gupta had no choice but to agree, admitting pundits on his network “shouldn’t have said that.”

You can watch the incredible exchange below:

With a knockout punch, Joe Rogan proceeded to play a clip from CNN where one snobby pundit can be heard “gleefully” reporting on the comedian taking “horse dewormer” to treat his case of COVID.

Rogan went on to play a clip of CNN announcing his diagnosis of COVID where the chyron of the video reads, “Joe Rogan Says He Has COVID, Taking Livestock Drug Despite Warnings.”

Not only that, Rogan claimed the liberal network went so far as to place a yellow filter over his initial video announcing his diagnosis in an effort to make him appear ghastly and ill.

Oh, and here’s another CNN pundit snidely reporting on Rogan’s medical treatment:

Rogan called the reporting “defamatory.”

Sanjay quickly scrambled for the correct response by repeating over-and-over, “I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a lawyer.”

After Joe posted an announcement revealing his COVID diagnosis and his plan to take ivermectin, among other things, CNN had a field day. They derived absolute pleasure from painting Rogan as a rube, a plebian, a dummy who doesn’t follow the government’s orders.

Arguably one of CNN’s biggest dolts, Brian Stelter, had this to say about Rogan’s COVID experience:

“But when you have a horse deworming medication that’s discouraged by the government, that actually causes some people in this crazed environment that we’re in to actually want to try it: that’s the upside-down world we are in with figures like Joe Rogan.”

That EXACT quote from Stelter tells you everything you need to know about CNN and liberal American at-large.

If the government doesn’t approve, it must not be right. Only provincial idiots would even think of using medication not explicitly approved by none other than Dr. Fauci — our god king medical expert.

These people are evil.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth