Joe Manchin Blasts Biden Appointee Over Stalled Pipeline

I don’t have to tell you tensions are high on Capitol Hill over the energy crisis. Thanks to Joe Biden’s failed green policies, Americans have watched their gas and energy bills skyrocket over the last year. Things only got worse after Biden and Congress passed measures to ban Russian energy, only further adding to our pain. The bill Congress passed limited our supply of oil, but did nothing to increase American production or eliminate Biden’s burdensome fines and fees.

The reason gas prices are so high is because, soon after entering office, Biden pushed executive orders that crippled America’s energy production. CNN might claim our oil production has increased over recent years, but heavy regulation and other limits have dramatically increased costs. The result has been less energy available to Americans, making us weak on the global stage.

Some lawmakers have called for changes, including Sen. Joe Manchin. Manchin hails from West Virginia, a state who depends on U.S. energy production. But Biden’s pathetic administration has dragged its feet on certain issues, jeopardizing American energy even further. So, the Democrats senator laid into Biden’s regulatory commissioner.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) slammed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman Richard Glick, a Biden appointee, during remarks late last week over stalled pipeline permits which come as Americans are experiencing surging energy costs…

“Speak up and help us rather than let them go down to the court process [inaudible], you know, only thing I can tell you as governor and I at EPA, I told my people I said, if you work with a cease and desist order before you try to help someone do something right and tell them what they’re doing wrong, shame on you,” Manchin continued. “Shame on all of you. We partner with Interior, FERC if they could, can we at least give them the consistency of what we think and what we know? Because we’ve been down this road before, but they’re throwing so many more obstacles, you’re way outside his wheelhouse, and he knows how I feel about that.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Manchin ripped apart Biden’s head of regulation, saying he needed to speed up the process for approving projects, specifically pipelines that could safely and cheaply transport energy. Glick made the tired excuse that he is going slow because he doesn’t want to “push things too quickly.” Uh-huh. Manchin responded with, “I’m not saying push them quickly. Just do your damn job. That’s all I told him.”

That’s not something government flunkies are used to doing. The last thing a political appointee is interested in is making life easier for American businesses. Under Trump, the White House slashed regulation and red tape, making it much easier for projects to be approved. But Biden’s administration slowed the process back down, thanks to a combination of incompetence and corruption.

It doesn’t seem Manchin is all that pleased with it. As a major tie-breaking voter in the Senate, he can make or break Biden’s agenda. Joe Biden needs to win over Manchin if he wants to pass anything. Yet the fool has done a piss-poor job of convincing Manching to support his agenda. It’s no secret that Biden’s administration is made up of Bernie Sanders-support socialists. They are not going to speed up a process that will help Americans make money.

So, Manchin will continue to oppose Biden, at nearly every step.

Author: Bo Dogan