Joe Biden’s Virtual Town Hall Was Bad as You’d Expect — Maybe Worse

Americans are fearing the spread of a virus—but dammit Joe Biden’s got a race to win! So, with many campaign events canceled, the former VP hosted an online town hall. Streaming a live event online is something even a child can do in this day and age. But apparently the geniuses who run Biden’s event lack even basic technical skills. And it was a disaster.

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the 2020 Democratic primaries. Right as Joe Biden (i.e.: the Democratic establishment) was about to deal his killing blow against Bernie Sanders, fears of the virus shutdown major gatherings. Candidates canceled rallies and town hall events. Some states have even postponed their primary elections.

But hey, these guys still want to take Trump’s job, right? It’s not like Biden is going to sit back and let America cope and recover. So, in a desperate attempt to continue ride out his momentum, Biden hosted a virtual town hall event. It went as well as you’d a expect.

On Friday, Grandpa Joe held what his campaign billed as a “virtual town hall” in Illinois. In my colleague Kyle Olson’s must-read reporting on the event, you will discover the whole thing was a fiasco, like something out of a sitcom. Guests appeared and then disappeared. The sound was garbled. People were introduced, followed by an awkward pause when they didn’t appear. Babies cried…

“Biden seemed to be reading from a teleprompter, but the broadcast suffered from severe tech issues, as Biden’s words were caught in a feedback loop, muddying the whole presentation and making the candidate nearly indecipherable,” Olson reported…

Technical difficulties, however, are technical difficulties. That doesn’t mean those technical difficulties are not newsworthy. After all, we are talking about a major presidential campaign, about the competency, or lack thereof, of the people hand-picked by Biden to run his campaign. So it is a bit disconcerting that Joe and his staffers were unable to put on the equivalent of a video podcast, something millions of everyday Americans are able to do every day in their basements without a hitch. [Source: Breitbart]

Ouch. For a major political campaign to be unable to stream an event in 2020, that’s pretty bad. Right now, I can set up a livestream on my phone and have it working in minutes. You mean to tell me an entire campaign team was unable to do this right? And these guys are the ones who want to take over the White House!?

Worse than that was Joe Biden’s performance. During the stream, he forgot what year it was or when he would be taking office (if he won). Then he seems to forget that he’s live online and walks out of frame. The feed quickly cuts to a logo to cover.

This little “moment” is a perfect microcosm of the Democratic Party, these days. They want to take over our government, run our health care, and “progress” us into the future. Yet the best and brightest in Joe’s camp can’t even do something grade school students do on a regular basis.

(Even today, many schools are streaming classes to students at home—without a single problem.)

The man himself is so confused, so seemingly uninterested in what he’s doing, that he literally walked off camera.

Imagine what this team would do in the White House, if elected? The president is frequently hosting events, appearing before cameras, and—yes—appearing on live streams. Those events will actually matter and be watched by millions. Can you envision the state of our country, if this team was put in charge of all that? With Joe mumbling about the wrong year and forgetting… everything?

Yeah, something tells me I do not want Joe handling the next coronavirus outbreak. Or anything else for that matter.

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