Joe Biden’s Campaign Accidentally Made It Easier For Everyone To Make Fun Of His Presidential Run

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Last remaining Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s website makes it easy for supporters to make their own photograph endorsing the former vice president, however, it also makes it easy for critics and internet hooligans to create memes mocking him.

A page on the website has it so people can upload their own photos and download a graphic that reads, “I’m on Team Joe!” with the custom picture. As a result, many Twitter users decided to make their own versions that lampooned Biden.

Twitter users mocked Biden’s soft stance on China, the media’s obvious bias for the candidate, his many verbal gaffes, and gaffes he’s made on camera since suspending his activities on the campaign trail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Even President Trump’s reelection campaign joined in on the fun with some of their own creations.

Author: Julio Rosas

Source: Town Hall: Joe Biden’s Campaign Accidentally Made It Easier for Everyone to Make Fun of His Presidential Run

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