Joe Biden Reveals His Ugly Side When Liberal Reporter Asks Simple Question

Former Vice President Joe Biden was at the center of the Trump impeachment circus. Yet he, and his son Hunter, refuse to own up to what really happened over Ukraine. In fact, it seems the 2020 hopeful is downright unwilling to answer questions about it. When NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie pressed him for answers, Joe cracked.

We know the Democrats tried to remove Trump from office because of something Joe Biden did. The former vice president even bragged about how he pressured Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor. He threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid, to make them do it. What he didn’t want us to know was that the same prosecutor was investigating a Ukrainian company that employed Hunter Biden.

All Donald Trump wanted was some answers. He asked the Ukrainian president to look into what happened. That’s not unusual for a president to do. But to cover up Joe Biden’s apparent crimes, the Democrats impeached Trump.

The Senate will soon vote to acquit Trump, clearing his name. But the questions still linger around good ol’ Joe. Was his actual quid-pro-quo with Ukraine about protecting his son’s job? Was there a conflict of interest for Biden? Did he pressure Ukraine, because Hunter’s company asked him to?

These are all legitimate questions. Naturally, Biden refuses to answer any of them. In fact, Savannah Guthrie, of liberal-leaning NBC News, pressed Biden for answers in Iowa. The exchange did not go well.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie pressed former Vice President Joe Biden during an interview that aired Monday morning on the subject of his son Hunter’s work in Ukraine for Burisma Holdings…

[T]he former vice president bristled when Guthrie suggested that Hunter was given the position in exchange for “access” to Biden and the Obama White House.

“That’s not true. You’re saying things that you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Biden snapped. “No one said that. Who said that?” [Source: Daily Caller]

Joe Biden continues to claim he did nothing wrong when he forced Ukraine to do his bidding. He says “they” said it sets a “bad image.” I’m assuming he’s referring to the Obama administration. Setting a bad image isn’t something you should do, as vice president. Yet even with these protests, he continued with his plan to threaten a foreign country.

(You have to wonder how nobody in our government at the time thought something was wrong with this.)

But when Guthrie continued to question Biden about Hunter and his “access” to the White House, Joe lost it.

The man snapped at the reporter, losing his temper. Not great, Joe.

This isn’t the first time Joe’s lost his temper to the press. On several other occasions, he’s gotten mean and aggressive when reporters asked him something. This happened to several female reporters, to boot. Biden can become belligerent, rude, and uncooperative when the press asks him questions he doesn’t like.

It seems he wants the media (liberals most of them) to ask him softball questions. “Just let me answer the easy ones and flash my pearly whites,” he must be thinking.

Because anytime a reporter poses him even the slightest uncomfortable—though legitimate—question, he snaps.

Now, ask yourself this: why should Biden get so angry, if there’s nothing to hide? If there was no conflict of interest—and Hunter did nothing wrong—why not just answer the question?

The media accuses Trump of being short-tempered and rude. But do you ever see Trump snapping like this? Trump goes toe-to-toe with the media. He takes them on and answers their questions, even the tough ones.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem willing to do that. He gets angry when a reporter asks him a simple question.

Do we want a president with that kind of thin skin? I know I don’t.

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