Jill Goes Completely Bonkers — Screams Profanities At Kamala

Jill Biden was not a fan of the now-Vice President Kamala Harris according to a new book about the 2020 presidential campaign. Mrs. Biden reportedly unleashed fire and furry when then-Senator Kamala Harris accused her husband of being a racist, bringing up his record on race and public housing legislation.

Harris launched her attack on stage in 2019 during a debate with other Democratic hopefuls.

In a phone call with a close friend Jill Biden vented after Harris’ debate attack, arguing that her husband was not a racist. She went so far as to tell VP Harris she can “Go F*** Herself.”

Harris gained some ground with Democratic voters after her tirade, but her support later fizzled entirely.

The American public was never a fan of a President Kamala Harris. She abandoned her campaign in December 2019 despite spending over $25 million.

When Biden won the Democratic primary Kamala, in typical fashion, laughed off her attacks, saying she “supported Biden 10000%.”

Harris attempted to backtrack from her Biden attacks during an interview:

The Biden team apparently forgave Harris, putting her at the top of the ticket next to Joe.

Author: Val Carr