Jeff Sessions Drops a Bomb on the Left’s Impeachment Scheme

After a ridiculously-long first day, the Senate passed their rules on how the impeachment trial will go. Every last amendment by Chuck Schumer was rejected by Republicans. But as we move into the next stage of the trial, former AG Jeff Sessions weighs in on the case. He blasted the left’s entire impeachment scheme, revealing what it really is.

Yesterday, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer failed to amend Mitch McConnell’s trial rules. He dragged out the first day of the impeachment trial, until it lasted until 2 AM. Yeah, I’m surprised some of these dinosaurs were able to stay up that late! Schumer tried to force ten amendments through, all relating to reopening the House’s botched impeachment investigation.

Thankfully, Senate Republicans rejected Schumer’s bogus schemes. The rules as set by McConnell mean witnesses will only be allowed, at a possible later date. Only if senators vote to approve them. This prevents the Democrats from dragging this trial out—which is their entire plan.

But what is this all about? We know they don’t have the votes to convict Trump. Republicans in the Senate will ultimately acquit the president, due to the fact this impeachment has been a violation of the Constitution and a disgrace to our country. So, why did the Democrats pull this stunt at all?

We’ve speculated over this ever since Pelosi doomed her party by backing impeachment. Now, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions exposed what the left was really doing. And it’s costing you big time.

Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News, former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, dismissed the idea of prolonging the Senate impeachment trial.

Sessions told network host Tucker Carlson he saw impeachment as a taxpayer-funded political attack ad, where Democrats are insisting the Senate go on a “fishing expedition.”

…“They want to continue this paid political attack ad, paid for by the taxpayers for untold weeks,” Jeff Sessions continued. “They could have fought for this evidence in the House, ask for the courts to complete a hearing as to whether or not these witnesses should be compelled or not. They send it over with no basis, unsubstantiated, not justified. Now they want the Senate to go on a fishing expedition.” [Source: Breitbart]

Sessions rips the blinders off the Democrats’ scheme, by calling it a political attack ad, paid for by you, the American taxpayer.

The Democrats pushed impeachment from the very beginning just to hurt Trump’s political career. It was never about bringing justice to some crime. They didn’t even charge him with a crime!

Democrats orchestrated this bogus impeachment, so their 2020 candidate would have an easier time running. They really hoped impeachment would so mar the president, that his chances at re-election would be next to nothing.

It’s no different than a dirty, ugly attack ad aired on TV. Only, this one isn’t being paid for by a political campaign for Super PAC. It’s being paid for by you—and is being aired on every TV network for free.

The Democrats know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell against Trump. He’s done what no Democrat has even tried to do in the last 30 years—make good on his promises.

More than that, he is actually putting Americans first. When was the last time we saw that? Um… not in my lifetime. Politicians—lawmakers and presidents included—put special interest groups and lobbyists first. Rarely, if ever, do they put forward policies that actually help the American people.

Democrats want to return to a time when government served itself. A time when greedy politicians, working for globalists, set the agenda. A time when regular Americans like you and me were left in the dust.

That is what this impeachment is all about. They can’t let Trump have another term to make America greater than before. They are willing to pull out every dirty trick in the book, just to have their way. And they’re not even paying for it themselves.

The good news? It’s backfiring big time. Americans are disgusted at this impeachment. And Trump is raking in the support.

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