It’s Time To Bury Your ‘Assets’ — See Why

On Thursday, the increasingly radical Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives passed sweeping gun control legislation making private gun ownership illegal. The ‘slippery slope’ bill inches Democrats toward a major legislative goal — to outlaw gun ownership out right. For now, their legislation merely requires universal background checks, and makes it illegal to sell or own guns outside of an FBI background check. 

The legislation, sponsored by Dem Rep. Mike Thompson of California, passed by a vote of 227-203. Yes, that means Republicans voted for the measure as well.  

H.R. 8 mirrors the background check requirements for retail point-of-sale gun ownership and applies them to private gun sales. In other words, this bill criminalizes an individual who sells a lifelong neighbor or a family member their gun, unless that neighbor or family member undergoes a background check conducted by the FBI. The National Criminal Background Check System (NICS), run by the FBI, is handling background checks for guns.   

Bill sponsor Rep. Thompson claims, without evidence, that universal gun background checks are “supported by over 90% of the American People.” 

No where does that statistic exist. 

The Democrat-majority house passed an identical bill in 2019, but Mitch McConnell’s Republican-led Senate refused to take it up for a vote. 

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