It’s Happening: Trump Maps Out 2024 Victory

He arises again, stronger then ever, ready to reverse the terrible policy decisions of the past administration, which sent America on the brink of total disaster.

Donald Trump is reaching the peak of his popularity; not since 2015 have Americans shown more enthusiasm for the Former President.

Team Trump is digging in, mapping out a victory in the 2024 presidential election, and executing the best plan of action to trounce not only Joe Biden but every Democrat in the midterm elections.

The campaign is focusing on five key states that would set Trump over the edge and secure his victory.

Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and George — these are the states Trump needs to hold on to if he wants to leave Joe Biden in the dust.

Good news is an internal poll shows the Former President up in those very that Joe Biden supposedly flipped in 2020.

It goes without saying, but everyone knows Joe Biden didn’t flip these battleground states. His party took advantage of a global pandemic to rig, cheat and steal the election away from Donald Trump.

Democrats cheated successfully nonetheless, and Biden secured a 306-232 Electoral College “victory” over Trump. Those five states are what gave Biden the White House. But Trump’s internal poll shows him up in all five and leading in some by double-digits.

Trump leads Biden by 10 points in Wisconsin, 12 points in Michigan, six points in Pennsylvania, eight points in Arizona and three points in Georgia, according to the poll. Biden won all five states by less than three points in 2020.

Trump has held rallies in several potential battleground states since leaving office, and he has constantly teased another presidential run in 2024. But he has also said that his focus is on the 2022 midterms, where Republicans are trying to erase Democrats’ five-seat House majority and win back a 50-50 Senate.

The poll also found that Trump was viewed more favorably than Biden in the five states. He received at least 50% approval in each.

As Biden fails with everyone except globalist liberals and illegal immigrants, it’s obvious the energy has shifted away from the ‘woke’ progressivism that appeared to America’s new status quo.

It turns out Americans desire freedom from federal overreach; free from medical tyranny, from artificial spikes in consumer prices, from deadly military blunders, from the utter division from your neighbor.

Americans are clamoring for Trump now more than ever.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney