Israel Shows Biden Proof Of Terrorists Hiding In America

Israeli leaders just gave the Biden administration “smoking gun” evidence that cannot be ignored.

It was reported that that Hamas terrorists in Palestine were sharing an office building with Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press – two major global media conglomerates. The building was later demolished as part of an IDF airstrike.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

“Israel shared intelligence with the US showing how Hamas operated inside the same building with Associated Press and Al-Jazeera in Gaza,”

“The U.S. was the only country to inquire about the IDF strike on the building, which the military said housed Hamas military intelligence offices, as well as AP and Al Jazeera, other news outlets.”

A source close to IDF leadership revealed the Biden administration was informed of that Hamas leaders are working with major media outlets. Additionally, the source said around 72 out of the 90 nations that Israel’s State Department has spoken with in recent days released public statements defending our ally’s right to defend itself amidst Hamas attacks.

The IDF immediately released a statement after receiving massive criticism for the airstrike:

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have fired over 3,000 rockets directly at Israeli citizens over the past week, killing dozens and wounding hundreds. Yet IDF has received the bulk of international criticism in the press for their defending themselves – and now we know why.

However, Israel has garnered support from the Christian community around the world. Many have donated dozens of portable bomb shelters to Israel in an effort to help better protect citizens from Hamas rocket attacks. The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem have begun ordering more shelters to be placed in areas around schools, daycares, hospitals, and other youth centers.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth