Is Trump Doomed? Impeachment Push Reveals How Supporters Are Reacting

Democrats have gone all-in with their unjust attempt to remove Trump from office.

Despite no formal backing from the House, Pelosi’s goons are pushing an impeachment inquiry. Polls claim many Americans are in favor of impeachment. I guess the left-wing pollsters didn’t ask most Americans. Because Donald Trump’s campaign just made a big announcement.

We know very clearly that the impeachment push will fail. The House, under liberal control, might end up voting to impeach Donald Trump. It will doom Democrats in red states, but they’ll do it. After that it goes to the Senate, where Republicans will quickly vote it down. End of story.

Democrats have been pushing word of impeachment, not because it will succeed, but because they’re hoping the media will whip it up into a frenzy. As always, Democrats in Congress are banking on their allies in the fake news to prop them up.

And so they have. Democrats are pushing impeachment talk just so that Trump supporters will be too intimidated to stand behind the president.

They’ve been doing this for years through threats, insults, and even violence. It’s always failed.

But maybe impeachment will finally convince Americans to reject Trump, right? I mean, Nancy Pelosi is backing impeachment—and she’s looooved by Americans!

If that it the left’s thinking, they’re crazier than I imagined. Trump’s campaign just announced their third-quarter fundraising haul. It’s yuge.

President Trump and the Republican National Committee brought in $125 million in fundraising in the third quarter of this year, setting up a hefty war chest for the president as he seeks a second term in office.

The Trump 2020 campaign’s fundraising arm said Tuesday that it has raised more than $308 million in 2019 and has more than $156 million in the bank.

Former President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised just over $70 million in the third quarter of 2011.

“President Trump has built a juggernaut of a campaign, raising record amounts of money at a record pace,” said Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. [Source: Fox News]

President Trump and the GOP’s fundraising efforts are putting the left to shame. Even with impeachment talk, he is raking in the cash.

We already talked about how, after Pelosi backed impeachment, Trump brought in millions in just a few days. That was added to a record haul from over the last few months. President Trump raised over $125 million in the third quarter, with $156 million at his disposal.

By comparison, Sanders only has $25 million, “Mayor Pete” has $19 million, and Kamala Harris has $11.6. Those aren’t even close to the war chest Trump is amassing.

Why is cash important? Well, you need money to run a campaign. But it’s also an indicator of the enthusiasm of a candidate’s supporters. If they are willing to open their wallets to back a candidate, they are surely going to back him in the ballot booth.

We are seeing many more Americans pour cash into Trump’s campaign. They see what he has been doing for the country and they want him to continue it.

At the same time, they’ve seen how Democrats have tried to stop him at every turn. Since he entered office, they have obstructed his America First agenda. Today, they are trying to pull an unjust impeachment on him, just to prevent him from winning 2020.

Americans are not happy about that. It seems that, the harder the left pushes to stop Trump, the more Americans back him.

Americans are sick and tired of the fake news, slander, and hostility of Democrats. They want President Trump to continue to win again and again for the country. They watch as the D.C. swamp fights back. But Americans are not going to sit back and let them win.

The impeachment push will fail. Democrats will not get what they want. In fact, it’s already backfiring on them. President Trump is bringing in a massive haul for his re-election campaign (and the campaigns of many Republican leaders). He’s positioning himself for a big 2020 win.

Democrats? They’re positioning themselves for the unemployment line.

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