Is Biden Intentionally Causing The Supply Chain Crisis? New Evidence Says Yes

For a long time, Americans have been reverting from crippling lockdowns that nearly destroyed our society. Even in far-left Democrat states, Americans have returned to work, appearing in person at offices and even public schools. But one area that has refused to budge has been hurting regular Americans: federal agencies.

Most federal offices are still under “work-at-home” orders. While this sounded like a good idea, once upon a time, it makes it very difficult for some federal agencies to provide services to the American people (you know, the people they are supposed to be helping?). In fact, Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis is due in part to this very thing, as some federal agencies handing the processing of imported goods.

Now, Republican senators are saying enough is enough.

Forty-two Republican senators say the Biden administration’s stalling in bringing the federal workforce back to its offices is creating massive delays in delivering much-needed government services to citizens in a timely manner…

Unlike most other Americans, many of the 2.1 million federal civilian workers have continued working from home as a result of the CCP virus, also known as the novel coronavirus.

“Businesses have now reopened, children and teachers have returned to in-person learning, and health care and public safety workers continue to show up for work. Yet we continue to hear from constituents in our states about a lack of responsiveness from federal agencies,” the senators wrote. [Source: The Epoch Times]

Republican senators are pressuring Biden to bring to an end work from home orders for federal agencies. They revealed numerous folks back home cannot get the help they need, because federal workers are unavailable. Just think of it. Veterans can’t get the medical care they need, because VA workers aren’t around to process their requests.

Some Americans might not be able to get their tax refunds, because it takes so long to hear back from an IRS employee. Retired Americans can’t get answers from Social Security offices, because the folks are at home, sleeping in.

This is pretty unacceptable. By now, we have plenty of ways for people to feel safe in light of COVID-19. Federal employees can wear masks and keep their distance. They can even put up plastic barriers, if needed. For goodness sakes, if we can go to the grocery store safely, why can’t federal workers get back into their offices?

This shouldn’t be a surprise, though. Biden has made every effort to discourage Americans from going back to work. He paid millions to sit on their butts and collect unemployment, instead of getting a job. Why wouldn’t he do the same for federal workers, who might not even be “working from home”?

Biden is pushing for a federal vaccine mandate, which could put many workers out of a job. So, he’s willing to do that, but he can’t get them back into office. Does this man have any idea how to lead?

Author: James Johnson