Iowa Chaos Exposed: Guess What They Did When DHS Offered to Help?

Democrats are still reeling after the chaos that was the Iowa caucuses. The results of the primary votes were delayed, because they claimed there were problems with their voting app. These problems have cast doubt on the results of the primary and could spell trouble for the rest of the left’s nomination process. We are now learning that the DHS offered to inspect the software for the Democrats. Guess what they said?

If you had the patience to follow the Democrats’ 2020 primary race, the insanity in Iowa shouldn’t surprise you. This year’s race has been pathetic, at best. It started when 20+ Democrats thought they had a chance against Donald Trump. Among their crowded field, there was not a single star.

The “frontrunners” of this race were tired, old, establishment politicians. Joe Biden can’t even get an endorsement from his former boss, Barry Obama. Others, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are promising radically-expensive health care programs.

The rest were just losers.

By the time Iowa rolled around, enthusiasm for the left’s circus was at an all-time low. Honestly, House Democrats launched an impeachment scheme just to give their ailing candidates a boost. Some speculate that the problems with Iowa Democrats’ primaries are just the result of pathetically-low turnout. Or that the party leaders are “rigging” the results in favor of Sanders.

What we do know for sure is that their voting software is problematic. But it didn’t have to be that way. The Department of Homeland Security actually approached them and offered to test the software. The Democrats, as you can imagine, declined this generous offer.

Now, as of this morning, we know that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initially reached out to the IDP to see if the state party wanted any help with vetting the new technology. The IDP, in turn, brazenly refused the feds’ request.

“Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf says the Iowa Democrat[ic] Party declined to have their new caucus app vetted by the department,” Fox News reports. “Appearing on ‘Fox & Friends’ with co-host Steve Doocy, Wolf said that the DHS cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency had offered to test the app from a ‘hacking perspective,’ but the party had declined.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Yeah! Why would they want an entire government agency devoted to security helping them out!?

This is really incredible. And kind of history repeating itself. Some people might remember how the DOJ approached both Republicans and Democrats in 2016 with warnings that their networks were being targetted by foreign hackers. Republicans heeded their advice and prevented disaster.

The Democrats didn’t and numerous emails and documents made their way to Wikileaks.

Now, we are seeing the DHS offered to help Iowa vet their new, untested software. The foolish Democrats denied their help.

What are Americans supposed to make of this news? Homeland was willing to help the Iowa Caucus prevent problems with their software. This should have been a no-brainer. Yet these liberals refused to let these security experts take a crack at this app.

I bet they wish they could turn back the clock, right about now.

Why did the Democrats refuse the help? Did they not want an agency under the Trump administration looking at their app? It’s not as if that would have any bearing on the primary results, as this would have happened months in advance.

Did their utter hatred for Trump force them to reject this generous offer? Or were they so arrogant, they didn’t imagine a situation where the app could break?

Regardless of the reasons, it was a totally idiotic blunder. One that should have liberal Americans rethinking their support of this party.

If they can’t even get an app right, well, you know the rest.

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