Instant Karma: A Woman Curses Out Trump Supporters – Quickly Regrets It

You’ve probably heard stories like this before, but this one might take the cake. With the election heating up, Trump supporters around the country are coming out in droves to rally behind the president. Aside from his historic rallies, supporters are forming street corner rallies to get people excited to vote. During one of those events, a driver leaned out of her window to tell them what she really thought. It was a big mistake.

With lockdowns pretty much a joke and the election just around the corner, the Trump campaign has been back holding their legendary rallies. Calling them “peaceful protests” the president has continued to appear to throngs of loyal supporters, this time in open airfields or other large spaces (Democratic governors and their rules be damned).

But those aren’t the only events going on. Across the country, countless patriots are showing up on street corners, parking lots, rivers and bays, and other open areas to showcase their excitement to re-elect Donald Trump. The enthusiasm is palatable and far greater than any Biden “supporter” has shown since… ever.

The one thing you can count on, though, is that such a bold display of patriotism and support for the president will trigger leftists. They are already mad that their party is running a candidate with dementia who is sure to lose. But to see throngs of happy Americans celebrate Donald Trump? Ooo, these commies just can’t stand it!

One woman was forced to watch excited Trump supporters gather for a street corner rally while she waited at a traffic light. Any sane person would have ignored them and gone on their day. But not this woman, who was obviously suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. She literally leaned out of her car to flip off the joyful demonstrators. Whoops.

A woman who was temporarily stopped in heavy traffic decided to taunt Trump supporters at a street corner rally through her open window, as she flipped them the bird with both hands while she screamed at them.

Unsatisfied with her powerful gestures, she decided to take it one step further, leaning out the window from the waist up to flip them off with her arms and hands.

She forgot she had taken her foot off the brake.

As a result, what started out as a defiant gesture in the direction of Trump supporters wound up with her ramming the car in front of her, which hadn’t yet moved forward, as the Trump supporters saluted her valiant effort with cheers. As she sat in the car, she made another gesture, seemingly blaming the car in front of her for the accident.

In a matter of seconds, police sirens could be heard, followed by two policemen showing up. [Source: Daily Wire]

You can see the hilarious moment for yourself here. It pretty much is a perfect visual representation for Democrats these days, huh?

They are so outraged by the happy supporters of the president, that they go out of their way to mock, attack, slander, and derail them. But it only ends up hurting themselves!

We’ve seen this from nearly every Democrat in America. From Hollywood celebrities to members of Congress to local Democrats, even the man running for president. Leftists can’t help themselves. They lose their minds when they see people who love America and are excited about Trump’s second term.

“Why aren’t they are miserable and crooked as us?” they must be asking themselves. They don’t like their country, their candidates, or their own values it seems. And they have to spread that misery to everyone else.

But look who it ends up really hurting? You could hear the voices of the Trump supporters, they weren’t bothered one bit.

Now, if this were any other time, I’d say the woman learned her lesson. But she probably didn’t. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t the exact same thing some other time.

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