Inflation Nation: Biden’s Economy Sinks To 40-Year Low

The cost of living in Biden’s America is high no matter which ‘cost’ you’re referring to.

Firstly, there’s the spiritual cost of living in Biden’s America. On a daily basis we’re inundated with medical, racial, gender, political propaganda that weighs on the hearts and souls of most people. The propaganda efforts have radically increased since Biden’s inauguration, and has only gotten worse since the latest push to vaccinate the populous — whether they want it or not. Once you become conscious of this particular brand of political manipulation, you notice that it is everywhere, especially in Democrat-run cities.

Then there’s the financial toll one takes living in Biden’s America.

Everything has gotten more expensive, particularly the common goods and services most American consumers are interested in. Most importantly, it’s become a wild fantasy to even consider owning a home with Biden at the helm.

It’s not only getting more expensive to buy a home. It’s also getting much costlier to furnish a home.

The price of household furniture jumped 1.2% in July, according to Producer Price Index data released Thursday. Compared with a year ago, the index for home furniture is up 9%.

A broader category that includes furniture and other household durable goods is up 7.2%, the largest gain since 1980.

This is not a category showing big annual gains due to a dip in prices last year. Prices for household durables actually rose last summer. But over the last six months, they have been on an unending inflationary climb.

The Producer Price Index for home electronics rose 1.9% in July and is up 3.6% compared with a year ago. That’s the largest annual increase since 1979 and the largest monthly gain since 1981. In general, prices for home electronics have fallen over the last sixty years.

Household appliance prices jumped 2.9% in July compared with June. Major household appliances were up 3.2%. Cooking appliances rose 2.6%—and compared with a year ago these are up 6.2%.

Lawn and garden equipment rose 1.5%. Prices are up 3.2% annually.

To sum it up: it’s becoming more and more difficult (and expensive) to live a normal life in America. The Biden administration, supported by Democrat lawmakers, is spending the country into an abysmal wasteland while cutting off our ability to produce our own goods, given the new push for green technology.

In the near future, if Biden’s methods persist, the cost of being an average American both financially and spiritually, will exceed what ever thought possible.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney