In Fiery Phoenix Rally, Trump Slams ‘Mini Mike’ and Democrats

Yet another Democrat debate took place last night. Even though the primaries are underway, the left still can’t decide which candidate they want to lose to Trump. The president decided to provide Americans with some better programming, by hosting a huge rally in Phoenix, Arizona. While speaking, he blasted the left once again for their terrible plans for the country.

Leave it to Trump to challenge the Democrats on the same night as their debate. And this was no ordinary debate. After spending hundreds of millions to buy his way into the primaries, Michael Bloomberg finally qualified to appear on stage. This was the first time the billionaire was able to debate his other rivals.

But as Democrats suffered through another round of losers yelling at other losers, the rest of America had the chance to tune in to a rousing Trump rally. The president was in Phoenix, speaking to a packed crowd of excited patriots.

President Trump, at a rally in Phoenix on Wednesday night, took shots at fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg at the same time the former New York City mayor was in Las Vegas, taking fire from fellow Democrats during his first presidential debate.

“Now they have a new member of the crew, Mini Mike,” said Trump. “‘No Boxes,’ we call him ‘No Boxes.'” The reference was to jabs Trump has been taking at Bloomberg regarding his height…

Trump said that Democrats in Washington were “more extreme than ever before.”

“They’re taking it from Crazy Bernie,” he said, referring to democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Pivoting to health care, Trump said 180 million Americans would lose coverage under Sanders’ health-care plan.

“Remember they built the $5 billion website?” Trump said… “Barron could have built you a website for about $2,” Trump said, referring to his son.

He added, “Socialist Democrats want to destroy American health care. We’re trying to protect it, and we’re going to protect pre-existing conditions.” [Source: Fox News]

President Trump held nothing back as he railed against the Democrats. And it’s true, this election will determine the fate of millions of American lives.

The Democrats are more socialist (i.e.: communist) than ever before. Thanks to Bernie Sanders and a few others, the entire party is lurching to the far left. They want to massively expand the government, resulting in a crippled economy and wide-ranging attacks on your freedoms.

They want to eliminate private health insurance, resulting in over 180 million Americans losing coverage. In its place they want “Medicare for All,” a terrible plan that would cost us trillions. Some, like Bloomberg, want to decide who gets health care… and who gets to die.

Democratic socialists like Sanders want to open the borders to criminal aliens. They want to destroy the Second Amendment. They want to burden our businesses with crippling regulation, pretending it’s to “save” the environment. But what it would do is ban fossil fuels, destroying America’s energy dominance and countless jobs.

It only gets worse from there. Every last Democrat wants to embrace radical policies that would ban traditional cars, handicap American workers, and raise taxes.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen what Trump’s conservative policies can do. The economy is soaring after the Obama years of stagnation. Jobs are flooding the country. Americans are getting jobs and higher pay. Taxes are down. The wall is going up. And our enemies are on the run.

And that’s not to mention how the president’s reshaped our federal courts with conservative judges. That impact will be felt for decades to come.

Imagine what Trump can do in another term? President Trump is promising a better health care system, one that protects your insurance, provides competition, and will bring prices down.

What else can he accomplish in the next few years? Especially if he gets a Congress that wants to work with him?

I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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