Impeachment Grows Weaker as McConnell Signs This Resolution

What’s going on with the Democrats’ impeachment of Donald Trump? That’s a good question. For months, we were told that the left had to impeach Trump over what he did on a phone call. But for nearly a month, they’ve been sitting on the articles, refusing to send them to the Senate. Well, Mitch McConnell is losing his patience. He’s just signed onto a resolution that will end this whole thing with a whimper.

The Democrats never had a chance with impeachment. Honestly, they spent over two years trying to build a case with the Russian hoax. How did that turn out? Even Mueller said Trump did not collude with Russia—shattering the left’s plans.

So, they came up with Plan B: an even more ridiculous narrative that Trump “pressured” Ukraine during a phone call.

Most Americans doubted this claim, especially after Trump released the transcript—proving he did nothing wrong.

Despite that, Democrats forced their idiotic impeachment through the system. Pelosi claimed it was “urgent” that they impeach the duly-elected president over her vague non-crimes. She ignored every last objection by Republicans. Yet after all that, she refused to send the articles of impeachment to Senate, as the law demands.

Now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has had enough. He’s signed onto a resolution that would end this charade, throwing weight on its imminent passage.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signed onto Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) resolution to change the Senate’s rules which would allow the Senate to vote to dismiss Democrats’ articles of impeachment if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not submitted the articles of impeachment within the next 25 days…

Speaking on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, McConnell slammed Pelosi and the House Democrats for spending “12 weeks undermining the institution of the presidency with an historically unfair and subjective impeachment and now, for the sequel, they’ve come after the institution of the Senate as well.”

“This is what they have done: They have initiated one of the most grave and most unsettling processes in our Constitution and then refused to allow a resolution,” McConnell added.

[Source: Daily Wire]

McConnell is supporting the move to dismiss the House’s articles if they refuse to send them over in 25 days.

That means, if Pelosi continues to play games, the impeachment will simply end with a whimper. I’m sure that will really please the far-left Democrats who have been demanding impeachment for years.

In all honesty, this looks like the final outcome of Pelosi’s impeachment scheme. She knew she couldn’t send it to the Senate. We would have had a trial that gave Trump the chance to defend himself. The GOP would also have the power to expose all kinds of things the left has done, things that wouldn’t make them look very good.

A Senate trial would have hurt Democrats much more than Trump. It would have cleared his name permanently. Pelosi couldn’t allow that, so she sat on the articles.

I bet she wants McConnell to just dismiss all this. She and her party jumped on a grenade. This resolution would be the best outcome for them. Pelosi could go ahead and blame the Senate for not following through with impeachment.

But we know the score. Pelosi pushed a bogus impeachment and abused her power to prevent it from going to the Senate. She actually demanded a fair trial, when she denied basic fairness to House Republicans during the inquiry process.

No matter what happens, this won’t go over well for the left. They promised to remove Trump. They failed.

They refused to obey the Constitution and finish the impeachment process. Do you think their supporters will be happy about this, come November? Pelosi backed impeachment to protect her job. Instead, liberal voters will be outraged she delayed the whole process.

Trump supporters, on the other hand, will flood the polls. They will make sure every last impeachment Democrat faces the music.

So, good job Pelosi. No matter what ends up happening, you’ve doomed your party.

Can’t say I’m broken up about it.

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