Hypocrite Democrat Shows True Colors–Reveals How Far They’ll Go to Win 2020

Far-left Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar recently made waves when she said she believed Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade. She made a point to say that the woman deserved justice—even saying the if she was making the decision, she would not nominate Biden. Then quickly afterward, she exposed her, and the entire party’s, ugly hypocrisy.

The Tara Reade scandal has exposed just how ugly, evil, and two-faced the Democratic Party is. When a man nominated by President Trump to be a Supreme Court justice was accused of assault, the entire left came out to destroy him. For weeks and months, all we heard from liberals was “believe all woman.” Despite a shocking lack of evidence, they branded Brett Kavanaugh a “rapist” based on the unverifiable word of one woman.

Now, the country is left is utter disgust as these same Democrats refuse to accept the testimony of Tara Reade. There is more reason to believe her encounter with Joe Biden is plausible, given several corroborating testimonies. That should be enough for these feminist activists to demand answers from the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee. Instead, we’ve seen liberal do all sorts of mental gymnastics to avoid even confronting him on the issue.

Then, there are those on the left even worse. Rep. Ilhan Omar—a woman with an infamous history herself—came out and openly said she believed Tara Reade. Many took that to mean she would not be supporting Joe Biden.

Not so fast! Because although this Democrat said she wanted justice for Reade, she is still supporting her attacker… to defeat Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) sent shockwaves across the political landscape when she said that she believed Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade. After significant backlash on social media, Omar clarified that she will still be voting for Joe Biden come November. [Source: Daily Wire]

Okay, let’s go over the play-by-play, shall we? Omar made it very clear she believed Tara Reade and that she wanted her to receive justice. Then, she goes on to say that she will vote for the man who sexually assaulted her, so that Donald Trump won’t be president.

Do you see the utter hypocrisy of this? Do you see how gross and evil this kind of thinking is?

Omar isn’t even the only Democrat who has openly said this! At this point, we can assume most Democrats believe Joe Biden assaulted Reade. Yet they are all backing him, just to beat Trump.

Think about that. These liberals—who claim to be champions of women’s rights—are willing to get a sexual predator elected to the highest office in the land. All because they dislike Trump.

Do you think a single Republican would vote for Trump, if they thought he assaulted a woman? Do you think any decent American would vote for Trump or Biden, if they thought they were guilty of such an ugly act?

Yet Democrats are falling over themselves to endorse a man they admit probably assaulted Tara Reade. They are so quick to sell out whatever values they have left, if it means their stumbling, idiot of a candidate replaces Donald Trump.

Omar said it herself. She believes Tara Reade’s story, but she’s still voting for the man who assaulted her.

What kind of insanity makes a person say and do this? The Democrats of past years would have disowned Biden in a heartbeat. They would have called for a special convention to select someone else, to avoid electing a man who might have done this.

Not these days. Democrats are morally bankrupt. They only care about regaining power. They are willing to step on victims, betraying their own causes, just to see Trump gone.

What can you say about a group like that? Only this: I hope their party dies a swift death.

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