Hypocrisy: Kamala Takes Part In Super-Spreader Event

COVID restrictions for thee, but not for me…

That is the current party line within the Democrat Party. It’s become fully acceptable for a group of fugitive state Democrats to flee their duties as lawmakers, board a private plane, and take meetings with the vice president despite the COVID risks.

As it turns out, multiple Lone Star lawmakers who absconded their duties in Texas to vacation in Washington D.C. caught the virus before meeting with Kamala Harris. If a Republican lawmaker from Texas did the same, the media would be up-in-arms, accusing the cadre of murderous intentions. However, because the group was in protest of the recently-passed election integrity bill in their home state, CNN, MSNBC, et all will give them a pass and no hysteria will come as a result.

The vice president’s office informed the public that Kamala will not only refuse a COVID test after being exposed to the Texas Democrats, but will also skip the quarantine period suggested by the CDC for those who have recently been in close contact with the infected.

After fleeing Texas in a tantrum over GOP efforts to bolster election security, the Texas Democrats met with Kamala Haris on Tuesday after at least two lawmakers caught the virus. It’s not known where the lawmakers became infected. Whether they contracted the virus while still in Texas or while in D.C. is not yet known.

Kamala applauded the fugitive Dems’ efforts to halt election security. Makes sense given the loose election security, ad hoc polling laws, and other cheating tactics that were used by her party to secure a position right next to Joe Biden.

“Defending the right of the American people to vote is American as apple pie,” she said to applause.

The Democrats took a meeting with Kamala near the Capitol building. Everyone involved in the meetings were vaccinated, yet at least three have confirmed to have caught the virus somewhere between Texas and D.C.

Kamala’s team is working overtime to bury the controversy, even claiming the vice president went to Walter Reed Hospital on Sunday for a “routine appointment.”

Right. A routine appointment days after being exposed to a group of COVID-positive lawmakers…

The Democrat super-spreaders were not wearing masks during their trip, per the CDC and aviation guidelines for private travel.

Team Harris did not seem concerned that the vice president may spread the virus as a result of her meetings. She continued with her regular schedule as usual after being in the room with multiple lawmakers who tested positive.

Last week after the exposure, Kamala appeared alongside Joe Biden, and also welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House.

Again, if this were a group of Republican lawmakers from Texas the entire media arm of the Democrat Party would have a field day. The Republicans would by flayed, tarred, and feathered for daring to board a plane without masks.

Still, the mainstream media is doing their best to bury the story given their darling Kamala Harris is the one implicated.

This is just further proof that the Corporate Press, Mainstream Media, and Fake News are Enemy No. 1 of the American people.

Author: Nolan Sheridan