Hunter Recalls Desperate Attempt To Get High — And It’s Ridiculously Funny

Cry us a river, Hunter Biden.

The son of a President, multi-national business man and millionaire attempted to gain sympathy points when he revealed the depths of his drug addiction. While drug addiction is a serious issue, it becomes difficult to be empathetic toward such a morally depraved crackhead such as Hunter. Between his shady business deals with America’s adversaries, the disturbing relationship with his brother’s widow, and the now-infamous laptop, Biden has a deep hole to climb out of – and the liberal media is buying it!

In an exclusive interview aired Sunday Hunter admitted to scrounging carpets at his home to find crack. He went on to reveal that he even smoked parmesan cheese simply because it looked like crack cocaine.

Biden claims to have stayed awake for 13 days without sleep, smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively the entire time.

Hunter’s admissions come at a perfect time. Not only is his debut memoir, Beautiful Things, set for release this week, but he’s also facing an on-going federal investigation into his many crimes. His sudden honesty is a cynical attempt to win over the American public and get Joe Biden back in good graces.

By the conclusion of the interview, Hunter even burst into tears recalling how Joe almost lost him to drug addiction, further proving his emotion is nothing but a manipulation tactic to boost his father’s favorability.

Author: Nolan Tierney

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