House Democrats Rocked by yet Another Sex Scandal

A sitting member of the House Committee on Ethics has been accused of engaging in an affair with one of her aides. She continues to deny it but admitted to another sordid relationship. That seems to be only the tip of the iceberg, as yet another House Democrat has been exposed for violating House ethics rules.

It’s really shocking how little House Democrats care about their jobs. They have been elected by the American people to fight for their needs. Yet since winning the House in 2018, what have they done? Oh yeah, nothing.

They refuse to work with Trump and the GOP. Instead, the heads of the party conduct a bogus impeachment inquiry—which they know will go nowhere.

But that’s far from the only thing they are doing to disgrace our country. Katie Hill, Democrat from California, is a freshman congresswoman who sits on the House Committee on Ethics. This group is responsible for watching the behavior of all congresspeople, to ensure they are following ethics rules.

Ethics rules are very simple. You can’t take money from special interests. You can’t lie under oath. Stuff like that. One of the very simple rules should be easy to follow: you can’t engage in sexual activity with a member of your staff.

Seems legit. Yet this new congresswoman is already being called out for an alleged affair with an aide. Although she denied this, she admited to another—just as seedy—relationship.

The House Committee on Ethics is investigating allegations that Democratic California Rep. Katie Hill had an extramarital affair with one of her congressional aides, committee leadership announced Wednesday evening.

Hill on Wednesday denied having an affair with her legislative director, Graham Kelly, but admitted to having an “inappropriate” affair with one of her female campaign staffers. Hill’s alleged affair with the congressional aide would violate House ethics rules, while the affair with the campaign staffer does not. [Source: Daily Caller]

Gross. According to reports, Hill admitted that she and her husband were engaged in a sexual relationship with another woman—a campaign staffer. Apparently, that is not against ethics rules. Really? Sounds like it should be.

She refuses to admit she also had a relationship with a male aid, which is against the rules. But keep in mind, she only confessed to the other affair, because nude pictures surfaced which proved it. You can’t lie about something when the evidence is right there for the world to see.

As bad as that is, yet another Democrat from the House has been exposed to having sex with a staffer. Gee, these people can’t keep their pants on!

The House Ethics Committee is investigating Michael San Nicolas, Guam’s non-voting delegate to Congress, who allegedly “engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on his congressional staff, converted campaign funds to personal use, and/or accepted improper or excessive campaign contributions,” the committee announced Thursday. [Source: Daily Caller]

Ooo, something tells me this guy is going to get into bigger trouble than that girl from California. Violate sex rules, sure, whatever. Take campaign funds for yourself? They’re going to pin you against the wall (but not in a fun way, sorry).

Both of these cases are serious. The House sets ethics rules to ensure that the people RUNNING THE COUNTRY behave without conflict or corruption. Yet these two newbie congresspeople can’t follow the very basics. How are we to expect them to do an honest job of crafting bills and representing the American people?

We can’t, that’s the point. But will Democrats bother to hold these congresspeople accountable? And how many more Democrats in the House are brazenly breaking ethics rules? We know Ilhan Omar was having an affair with a staffer—leading to the breakup of both their marriages.

Are all Democrats cheating on their spouses? Is the House just one big Roman party?

Something tells me we need to get these goons out of Congress ASAP.

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