Homeless Encampment Takes Over Minneapolis Cop-Hating Neighborhood

Ever since protests and violent riots swept over the country, left-wing governments have embraced the idea of defunding the police. In some Democrat-controlled cities, they are working to slash PD budgets or abolish police altogether. A mostly white liberal neighborhood in Minneapolis vowed to never call the cops again. They are quickly regretting it.

You have to wonder at the stupidity of turning on the one group dedicated to keeping your community safe. Hey, idiots! Do you think Black Lives Matter or Antifa are going to help you if you’re robbed or attacked? Nope. In fact, they’re probably the ones robbing you!

But in an insane attempt to virtue signal to black voters, Democrats put forward the idiotic notion of defunding police departments. The truth is, most black Americans know the cops work to keep them safe. A few bad cops doesn’t mean the vast majority aren’t hard-working heroes. But some black people—as well as “woke” white liberals—think cops are the bad guys.

After this one neighborhood banned cops from coming, they were overwhelmed with problems.

A predominately white, progressive Minneapolis neighborhood that pledged not to call the police in the wake of the death of George Floyd is now dealing with a 300-strong homeless encampment in a local park, according to reports.

Traffic has reportedly increased in the neighborhood around Powderhorn Park, as drug dealers seek to meet their clientele displaced during the civil unrest, rioting and looting following Floyd’s death at the end of May. At least one person overdosed inside the park and was brought out by an ambulance. Prostitution has also been reported in the area. [Source: Fox News]

Good job, liberals! You just turned your nice, safe neighborhood into the ghetto! You were so stupid to announce you’d never call the police and guess what? Your community is overrun with crime, drugs, and prostitution.

You know what really gets me? Few of these idiots will admit they were wrong. They won’t bother to start calling the cops to clean up their community. You know what they’ll do? Move away. They’ll take their businesses and cash and move to a conservative town where the cops are respected.

It happens every time. Democrats virtue signal, throwing gas on the fire. And when everything’s burned down, they abandon the people they claimed to care about.

If white liberals really care so much about poor black folks, why aren’t they doing anything to really help them?

Why aren’t these liberals investing in their communities, bringing in jobs, cleaning out the crime, and improving education?

Because, white liberals don’t really care about anything outside of their own little bubble. They feel guilty for being rich and successful and think that voting Democrat will make them feel better. As Mary Poppins said, they can’t see past the end of their noses.

So, they sit back and destroy their own neighborhood, only to leave it for a better one. But the poor folks downtown don’t have that luxury. Who is going to help black businesses owners rebuild after the riots? Who is going to help black families find a new home, after BLM burned down their apartments?

Not white liberals. They will sip their champagne and talk about how evil Donald Trump is, even as they ignore the needs of their neighbors.

What’s even worse is that we can tell them how stupid they are being. We can explain that we need good police to battle crime and bring prosperity to black neighborhoods. But they won’t listen. Their virtue signaling is all that matters to them.

All I can say is: stay out of my neighborhood.

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