Hollywood Elite Change Tune On Mail-In Voting – Guess Why?

For months, Democrats across the country have been telling people to vote by mail this election. They claimed that the COVID panic was too dangerous for people to calmly stand in line and cast their ballots at a polling place. But numerous stories revealed that voting by mail is too risky—and Democrats lost key court battles involving ballot harvesting. Now, they are desperately changing course, begging their minions to vote in person.

Democrats didn’t have much of a strategy going into 2020. With over 20 primary candidates they were pretty much left with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. And they went with Biden. Uh… what?

Very early on they must have realized that was a mistake. But they couldn’t get rid of them by that point. They knew getting people to come out to vote for Biden over Trump was a longshot. So, they tried to use the pandemic as an excuse to push mail-in ballots, something that was never done before.

Their goal was to drag out the election results, hoping their operatives could “ballot harvest” days later to change the outcome of close races. But several key court decisions prevented that. On top of those losses, we all saw how utterly unprepared the post office is at handling millions of mail-in ballots sent in all at once. More than a few will be lost—even if voters bother to follow all the complicated rules for sending them back in.

Seeing their doom approach, Democrats have been trying to pivot. They scared their voting base away from voting at polling places. But now they realize it’s their only chance. So, they are pulling out the tired, miserable, arrogant liberal elite to once again lecture Americans on how to vote.

Hollywood celebrities including Eva Longoria, Michelle Williams, and recent Emmy winner Uzo Aduba are urging people to “vote early and in person,” by either voting at a polling location or submitting mail-in or absentee ballots at an early voting site.

In an Instagram video released Monday, the celebrities provided a 50-second tutorial on how voting in-person, especially if you are “worried about long lines and in-person voter intimidation.” The actresses didn’t elaborate on what they meant by “in-person voter intimidation.”

“The most effective way to vote in this election is to vote early and in-person,” the stars said. “It’s the best way to ensure that your vote is received and counted on time.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wha!? I thought we had no choice but to send out ballots in the mail or get COVID! Now, these entitled, rich, spoiled celebrities are telling us to vote in person?

I guess we got to, right? After all, we stupid Americans just do what these morally corrupt Hollywood types tell us to do.

Once again, Democrats are taking a radical about-face and expect us not to notice. Remember how they didn’t care at all about COVID back in January, February, and early March? They literally called Trump racist for shutting the border to China. Then, suddenly, it was the end of the world and Democrats were calling for widespread lockdowns. They even claimed Trump didn’t work fast enough.

He was moving much faster though, than Democrats who were doing nothing at all.

Now we’re supposed to forget that for months they were demanding us to vote by mail or else. Right now, they realize they won’t get enough mail-in ballots to make a difference. But too many Democrats are still paralyzed with fear over COVID. Democrats are looking at a disaster this November, as they might not get enough votes to even make a dent in the Trump juggernaut.

(And that’s not even mentioning how closed colleges means no youth vote!)

Too little too late, you guys. You spread fear and panic for months and now are trying to slam the car into reverse.

But it ain’t gonna work

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