Historian Drops The Gavel On Trump – Says Compared To Last 7 Presidents, Donald Was “Born For This Moment”

By Adam Casalino April 2nd, 2020 | Image Source: Patriot Journal

President Trump has been doing his best to handle this unprecedented crisis.

While other leaders have crumbled, he’s stayed strong. He is providing solutions and relief, while maintaining optimism for the country.

But do you wonder how other presidents would have handled this situation?

I’m sure the media would claim Obama or Clinton would have done “better.” But a noted historian has evaluated this crisis.

And he’s weighing in on his expertise. His conclusion is surprising.

From Washington Examiner:

Author, historian, and former presidential adviser Doug Wead… has been doing a back-of-the-envelope comparison of how the seven most recent presidents would have handled the crisis…

“[Trump] was born for this moment. He has a strong desire to handle it well. He knows how to bring back the economy in a way that Obama couldn’t. He has the confidence and optimism of Reagan and no help from the media. A more establishment Republican would hesitate before committing to a large government program. Trump has no qualms about it. As a former businessman, Trump also set corporations free to help.”

Woah. Historian and presidential adviser Doug Wead said Trump was “born for this moment.”

Out of the last seven presidents, he’s saying Trump can best handle this situation.

Wead said Trump can do better to bring back the economy than Obama. We know that’s true. Obama’s idea for fixing the economy was to pump money into government agencies and raise taxes.

Trump has helped the economy reach new heights over the last three years. He can certainly bring it back once this crisis is over.

Wead also says Trump has the “confidence of Reagan.” Even with no help from the media, Trump is able to rally support from Americans.

His confidence is infectious (more infectious than this disease). Already his approval has skyrocketed, even as the media’s continued to trash him.

Wead contrasts Trump with past Republican presidents. His willingness to use the government, when needed, is different from previous leaders.

And his knowledge of the free market means he can mobilize corporations like no one else.

We are seeing that daily. Trump has been able to get (liberal owned) large companies to donate their time and resources.

From Apple to Ford, big companies are pitching in to battle this crisis. We’ve never seen anything like it, outside WWII.

Do you think any other recent president can do all that, besides Trump?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Historian Drops The Gavel On Trump – Says Compared To Last 7 Presidents, Donald Was “Born For This Moment”

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