High-Ranking Republicans Unveil Plan To Unseat Biden For Good

It’s becoming more and more likely that Republicans will retake the House in the 2022 midterm elections. There is also a good chance they’ll gain enough seats in the Senate to end the current 50/50 split. All signs point to growing discontent among Americans over how the Democrats have run this country (into the ground). Biden’s historically terrible administration is driving Americans to elect anyone besides liberals.

Should voters give Republicans a majority in Congress, they will take it as a mandate to check Biden’s reckless agenda. Republicans will have the power to prevent any more drastic policies that put Americans in jeopardy. And they will be able to hold Biden and his administration accountable for the devastating things they’ve already done. But does that mean Republicans will go all the way to thwart this wayward “president”? According to two top Republicans, yes it does.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said recently there’s a chance a Republican-led House would move to impeach Biden, specifically for his handling of the southern border crisis.

[House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise] Stefanik shared her reaction to the comments Cruz made about impeachment…

“Anything is on the table when we are in the majority,” Stefanik allowed. “But what I believe we should focus on is conducting oversight and making sure that we’re passing legislation to secure the border once and for all. The policies of the previous administration under President Trump were working.” [Just the News]

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Elise Stefanik both suggested that Republicans could impeach Joe Biden over some of the disastrous decisions he made in 2021. Specifically, his move to open the Southern border in defiance of immigration laws and his own oath of office. Stefanik appeared to agree with Cruz’s bold proclamation by saying “anything is on the table.”

She counter that possibility by saying it would be better for the House to pass legislation to secure the border. But let’s get real. We already have laws that require our border to be secure. But Biden has violated those laws to let in millions of illegal aliens last year alone. Aside from that, Biden will in no way sign anything passed by a Republican-controlled House.

If we are being honest, the only power a Republican Congress will have, with Biden in the White House, is to investigate him. A Republican House can use its power to hold Biden accountable through oversight committees and even impeachment. That’s not a drastic move, considering Democrats impeached Trump twice for no reason.

Republicans need to fight fire with fire, especially since Biden has done several impeachable offenses. He opened our border, handed over billions of dollars worth of weapons to a known enemy, and trampled American liberties with his unconstitutional vaccine mandates. And those are just for starters.

Impeachment might not end with him being removed from office, but it will allow Congress to investigate and expose this corrupt administration. And it will show the American people that there are still leaders in Washington that will not let the likes of Biden run over us.

But will they do it? Only if Republicans do, in fact, win big in 2022. And that is entirely up to us.

Author: Matthew Anderson