Hero Marine Punished For His ‘Unforgivable Crime’ — Supporting Trump

The level of insanity has reached peak levels.

How does it get crazier than this?

Hunter Clark, who was seen saving an infant by lifting it over the walls outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan during the U.S withdrawal, is now being investigated for appearing with former President Donald Trump at a recent rally.

Clark, a lance corporal, was part of the troops guarding the airport last month. He was seen in video standing on a wall as a man desperately handed him the baby.

He appeared on stage with Trump at a “Save America Rally” on Saturday in Perry, Georgia. Now, his command is investigating whether the appearance violated the military ban on active-duty troops getting involved in partisan political activity, the outlet said.

“The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) has initiated a command investigation regarding LCpl Hunter Clark’s attendance at the event last weekend to determine if any DoD policies were violated,” said Capt. Kelton Cochran, a spokesman for the 24th MEU. “Any details pertaining to this incident are not releasable while the investigation is being conducted.”

Cochran did not detail which policies he was referring to.

During the rally, Trump praised Clark while bringing him onstage, according to reports.

“We’re also honored to be joined by one of the Marines who bravely served in Kabul during the withdrawal and helped evacuate children over the airport and over the airport wall,” Trump told the crowd. “You saw him, he did a great job, Lance Corporal Hunter Ian Clark. Lance Corporal get up here!”

Clark told the crowd, “Hey, my name is Lance Corporal Hunter Clark, and I’m here from Warner Robbins, Georgia. I am the guy that pulled the baby over the wall, and it’s definitely probably one of the greatest things I’ve done in my entire life.

“I just want to thank all the support from all y’all. It really means a lot and I’m glad to be home now.”

After the comments, Clark shook hands with Trump and walked off stage.

Reports noted Clark was not in uniform and did not campaign for a political candidate.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth