Headquarters For Anti-Abortion Group Brutally Terrorized By Baby Murderers

If it wasn’t already bad enough, if the culture war in America wasn’t already underway, it sure is now.

Radical leftists have resorted to domestic terrorism similar to that of two summers ago when Black Lives Matter rioters systematically burned down major American cities following the death of George Floyd.

The Madison headquarters of Wisconsin Family Action, an anti-abortion group, was reportedly set on fire late on Saturday night after militant leftists threw at least one Molotov cocktail at the building.

A window of the building was broken, and portions of the inside were vandalized, with at least part of the office appearing to have caught on fire from a Molotov cocktail, Appling said.

Along the side of the building, someone wrote the words, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

The anti-abortion organization’s president, Julaine Appling, warned of what’s to come after a draft Supreme Court decision leaked signaling the end of Roe v. Wade.

“What you’re going to see here is a direct threat against us,” Appling said about the attack. “Imagine if somebody had been in the office when this happened. They would have been hurt.”

A group of radical pro-abortion activists recently gathered outside the homes of multiple U.S. Supreme Court Justice on Saturday to protest the Court’s expected decision to repeal Roe v. Wade. In one instance, radical pro-abortion activists marched in front of Chief Justice John Roberts’ home and reportedly chanted, “Keep abortion safe and legal.” Some other chants included, “Pro-life is a lie, you don’t care if people die.”

To make matters even more blatantly evil, abortion radicals were seen harassing Catholic churches across the country during Sunday mass, which also happened to be Mother’s Day.

If you needed any further proof of just how evil these people were, interrupting a church with radical baby-killing rhetoric may just take the cake.

Insanity is predicted to continue as the Biden administration refuses to condone violent harassment of SCOTUS justices. After all, they define “domestic terrorism” as anyone who voted for Donald Trump, not radicals who are currently launching firebombs into pro-left headquarters.

Author: Ann Taylor