Guess Who Won The Last Debate

Last night was the final presidential debate of this election cycle. Plenty of discussion went on going into this big event. Many wondered how both candidates would perform. As usual, there was a liberal moderator who appeared to favor Biden. But the results of the debate are clear. Americans are speaking out and letting us know who they thought won. Biden should be getting nervous.

By any metric, Joe Biden had a terrible night. This was his last chance to convince moderates, swing voters, conservatives, and even more than a few liberals to get off the Trump train. But it doesn’t seem like he was able to seal the deal.

Biden notoriously dropped a Hitler bomb. He contradicted his own policy. And he promised to end the oil industry, which would cripple the country. In contrast, the iconic Donald Trump was poised, articulate, and ready with his answers. Many believe it was one of Trump’s best performances ever.

The media might be trying to spin the debate, but what do real people think? One group of “undecideds” made it very clear who they’ll be voting for this November.

A focus group of “undecided voters” convened by pollster Frank Luntz for the Los Angeles Times chose President Donald Trump overwhelmingly after watching the final debate of the presidential election on Thursday night.

Though many participants complained about Trump’s “personality” in general, many also felt he had been more “presidential” on the night. And many complained that Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden seemed vague and elusive in his answers…

Luntz ended the discussion after asking participants whom they would choose, after watching the debate. Of the eight “undecided” voters he asked, seven chose Trump and one still seemed undecided. [Source: Breitbart]

You can guarantee an outlet like the Los Angeles Times didn’t stack this group with secret Trump supporters. So, for seven out of eight to be won over by Trump after last night’s debate is truly something. They appeared impressed by Trump’s performance and answers. Some pointed to his accomplishments over the last four years.

In contrast, they were disappointed by Biden’s usual unwillingness to answer questions or give vague answers. Trump called out Biden numerous times for contradicting his own campaign’s policy. Either Biden can’t stop lying or he doesn’t even know his own plans.

It’s not just this focus group that is giving Trump high marks:

You get the idea. Trump scored major points during this debate, just as we get to the final stretch of the election. I’ve maintained for months that Trump had the election in the bag. But last night proved to many that Biden is nowhere near winning the White House.

The media can spin the story all they want. They can produce as many bogus polls as their little pollsters can makeup. But it won’t change the reality that Americans have zero confidence in Joe Biden—and every confidence in President Trump.

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