Guess Who Trump Just Called a ‘Cesspool Of Humanity?’

The United States took an even sharper turn for the worse over the weekend as thousands of illegal immigrants successfully crossed Biden’s border, taking shelter under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

This unprecedented invasion of illegals, mostly from Haiti, is unlike anything this country has seen in its history. The days of legal immigration are over; with Biden’s open border policies, there’s no reason to follow the law.

Donald Trump expressed his dismay over the utter destruction of our border with Mexico, calling it “cesspool of humanity” in a statement posted to his Save America website.

The trajectory of our once-prosperous nation is in a state of utter decline, and unless major action is taken to reverse it, there’s no telling just how bad things can get for American citizens and immigrants alike.

On Sunday, Former President Donald Trump released a written statement saying the largest number of illegal immigrants in history are “pouring in by the millions” unchecked and unvetted.

Trump went on to state that the situation is not a “border crisis,” but a “Crisis Crisis,” lamenting over Biden’s failed policies after he fought so vociferously for a safe and secure border.

A projection released Friday reported an estimated 1.85 million illegal border apprehensions for 2021, breaking the previous record of 1.643 million in 2000.

Over 10,000 migrants are currently waiting to cross the border, with some reportedly seen walking back and forth across a river to Mexico as they picked up food and supplies from restaurants.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz visited the Del Rio International Bridge on Thursday night, describing the situation as “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen .” Cruz said that the U.S. would “pay the price for Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence for years to come.”

On Saturday, the Biden administration attempted damage control by announcing a ramp up of deportation flights to Haiti to return some illegals who successfully crossed the border. His Department of Homeland Security claimed they would be “implementing a new, comprehensive strategy” to address the tens of thousands of new illegal border crossers in the past week.

To combat the horrific media coverage, Biden ordered the Federal Aviation Agency to ground drones from Fox News and other conservative outlets that captured disturbing footage of the border situation.

Author: Asa McCue