Guess Who Obama’s Former Doctor Supports?

By Del Duduit May 21th, 2020 | Image Source: Reason Magazine

President Donald Trump is leading by example.

On the advice of his physicians, he has been taking hydroxychloroquine on a prophylactic basis to help protect him from contracting the coronavirus.

That’s the wise and prudent thing to do.

Of course, liberals were quick to attack and condemn his actions.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she was concerned about the president taking the drug because the Food and Drug Administration has not approved it to treat the virus.

But she went on to make fun of him and describe him as “morbidly obese.

It does not matter what the president does, because liberals will always attack any move he makes. He could be instrumental in a cure for cancer and the liberals would fight and object.

Their disdain for him is clear.

But a doctor who advised President Barack Obama justified Trump’s taking the drug as a precaution.

On Monday, Dr. Ronny Jackson told Fox News’ Shannon Bream that the president is doing the smart thing by protecting himself.

He said Pelosi “should stick to her full-time job, which is driving this country into the ground,” and leave medical advice to the experts.

Jackson was appointed as the physician to the president in 2006 by President George W. Bush. He was retained by Obama and Trump.

He said that Americans should have no issue with Trump taking the drug prophylactically because he is the leader of the free world.

Jackson added that Trump is driven around in an armored car and is the most protected man in the world, so it makes perfect sense to take the drug.

“It’s the responsible thing to do right now for the president,” he said.

But liberals don’t always adhere to common sense.

If Obama had taken the drug, liberals would have hailed him as a selfless and brave leader. But not Trump. They poke fun at him and ridicule him on a daily basis.

Liberals are the ones who tout listening to the experts and following the rules established by those who are considered authorities. Jackson knows because he served three presidents.

He is, however, a Republican running to represent Texas’ 13th Congressional District in Congress.

The fact that he served under Obama should carry some weight with liberals, but it probably won’t. In their eyes he is tainted because he supports the move taken by the president.

Liberals will continue to blast and make fun of Trump for doing the right thing.

Author: Del Duduit

Source: Western Journal: Obama WH Doctor Stands Up for Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine: ‘It’s the Responsible Thing To Do’

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