Growing Trump Approval Threatens Biden’s Grip On Power

Poll workers and dead Democrat “voters” may dislike Former President Donald Trump, but America loves him — and these poll numbers prove it!

America’s Favorite President is slowly encroaching on Biden’s presidency as the former gains in popularity and the later sinks to historic lows.

According to a recent poll – from Harvard University (of all places) – the Former President is more popular with registered voters than “President” Joe Biden. This comes as a brutal reminder to the Biden administration that the American people have had enough. Period.

Of the 1,578 respondents, 48% of them say they have a positive view of Trump compared to 46% who say they have a favorable opinion of his successor, Joe Biden.

In addition to respondents’ more positive view of Trump than Biden, 51%t believe Trump was actually “a better president than Biden.”

During Trump’s tenure, the United States succeeded at hammering out trade deals, constructing historic Middle East peace agreements, and raising wages for many varying demographics. In contrast, Biden’s presidency has been defined by the deadly Afghan evacuation that left hundreds to thousands of U.S. documented residents stranded behind enemy lines and droned Afghan civilians.

Even the establishment left-wing media is taking notice! The Hill, a bastion of Fake News, admitted the poll’s numbers are “remarkable” for Biden, “who repeatedly out-performed Trump’s favorability numbers throughout the early months of his presidency.”

The left-wing publication asserted the “bruised public perceptions of Biden” are due to his mismanagement of the Chinese coronavirus and virus messaging along with the Afghanistan hostage crisis.

On the coronavirus messaging front, for instance, Biden implemented vaccine mandates on medium to large size businesses while scolding the unvaccinated for refusing to get the “effective” jab, suggesting the unvaccinated are causing the vaccinated ill health.

Biden’s confusing communication upon the vaccine’s effectiveness has resulted in only 48% of U.S. adults approving of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus crisis with 49%, according to polling this month. In August, those numbers were flipped, with 53%t approving and 40% disapproving.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll surveyed 1,578 registered voters between September 15-16.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth