Graham Drops Final Ultimatum on Pelosi’s Impeachment

It’s been nearly a month since Democrats in the House passed their bogus impeachment articles. After all this time, Pelosi still refuses to send the articles to the Senate—a wild violation of the Constitution. Even Democrat senators are losing patience with the Speaker. Now, Lindsey Graham has had enough. He is putting Pelosi in her place and preparing to end this charade, once and for all.

I can’t see how anyone in this country still thinks Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s doing. She reversed her stance on impeachment after it became clear her seat was in danger. Radical, left-wing socialists are gunning for the jobs of many do-nothing Democrats in Congress. Pelosi decided to back impeachment in a desperate attempt to protect her own ass.

But it’s backfired spectacularly. Few in the country think Trump committed impeachable offenses. Even Pelosi, after accusing Trump of bribery, had to change the charges to vague non-crimes. Seeing how unpopular impeachment is (and the fact that the Senate would vote to acquit), she has pulled a last, desperate, and un-Constitutional stunt: she’s sitting on the articles.

The Constitution demands the House sends its articles of impeachment to the Senate. Otherwise, the president isn’t really impeached. But Pelosi is exploiting a loophole in delaying it, because the law doesn’t dictate when she needs to send them over. Pelosi is delaying, thinking she can manipulate the Senate and hold these articles over Trump’s head forever.

Now, even Democrats are getting annoyed. Pelosi and her cronies in the House said impeachment was an “urgent” matter. Yet it’s been nearly a month with no movement. Pelosi has even written to the Senate, demanding they hold a swift trial. Um… hey idiot! They can’t do that until you send the articles.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has had enough. He told Pelosi earlier that if she doesn’t send them over, he’ll take matters into his own hands. Now the deadline is nearing its end, and he’s about to do what the Senate should have done weeks ago.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News in an interview Wednesday that the Senate will take up President Trump’s impeachment trial next week shortly after he crafted a resolution that called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate…

“You said it was urgent,” Graham said. “If you believe it to be urgent, send it to the Senate for disposition.”

Graham said he plans to introduce the resolution Thursday. In it, he writes that Pelosi lacks “the power to effectively veto a resolution passed by a duly elected majority of the House of Representatives by refusing to transmit such a resolution to the Senate.” Graham argued that hanging onto the articles “is a flagrant violation of the separation of powers expressly outlined in the bicameral impeachment process under the Constitution of the United States.” [Source: Fox News]

Graham will introduce a resolution today that will allow the Senate to begin their impeachment trial next week. He will no longer wait for Pelosi’s articles, after it has become painfully clear that she refuses to finish this process.

He accused Pelosi of violating the separation of power between houses of Congress by demanding the Senate obey her demands. Pelosi thinks she can manipulate the impeachment trial in the Senate—an insane thing for any representative to do.

Keep in mind, she is trying to remove Trump over “abuse of power,” while abusing her own power as Speaker. Hypocrisy much?

Even Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat, is upset that Pelosi is dragging her feet. The Senate has the sole power to hold an impeachment trial. Pelosi has no right to withhold the articles. In fact, the Constitution demands that she send them over to the Senate immediately.

Time is sure the hell up. The Senate has sat back and watched the House turn impeachment into a joke. The time has come for real leaders (real grownups) to actually do their job.

After this, perhaps voters will wake up and decide to remove Pelosi from office. She certainly deserves it.

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