Governor Unveils Absurd Plan To Stop Violence – Police Fire Back

After nearly three months of non-stop rioting and violence, the governor of Oregon finally announces a plan to end the violence. But the Democrats’ intentions appear far from holding radical anarchists accountable and sound like the same tired, leftist nonsense. She demanded cooperation from the police, but she is getting a rude wake-up call.

Does anyone believe Democrats really care about ending the riots in blue cities? For months, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other radical leftists have spread destruction, violence, and death across Democrat-run states. The liberal leaders in charge have ignored the chaos, calling it all “peaceful” protests. They have even defunded police and prevented them from doing their jobs.

Only after polls showed Americans were getting fed up did these pathetic excuses for leaders start to talk about the violence. Entire cities have been nearly reduced to rubble, but only now are a few Democrats starting to call and end to the insanity.

Oregon’s Democratic Gov. Kate Brown ignored the nearly 100-days of rioting in Portland. Now, after so much has been destroyed, is she claiming to want to end it. But her plan seems far from effective.

Oregon Democratic Governor Kate Brown decided to finally take action this week to stop the violence that has gone on in Portland for more than three months.

Brown said that her “plan” was to “protect free speech and end violence in Portland” after a right-wing protester was shot to death over the weekend following a political protest…

“The governor is convening a community forum on racial justice and police reform, which will include Black protest organizers and community leaders, as well as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Of course! Violent left-wing extremists are destroying Portland and the governor wants to hold a forum on racial justice!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Democratic Party in 2020. These morons are so incompetent, they think a bogus forum—where leftists will continue to attack police and conservatives—is going to end the riots these leftists caused.

Why isn’t Brown increasing funding for police, ordering rioters to stay home, and calling in federal support? Those are the kinds of things you do to end violent riots. Instead, she is—once again—serving up useless lip service.

This is the hole Democrats have themselves in. She can’t openly denounce the rioters, because those leftists will call her racist and fascist. But she can’t keep letting BLM destroy Portland—because she’ll be voted out of office.

So, instead of doing the right thing and letting the cops arrest these thugs, she puts on a meaningless show. She is even demanding the cops protect her idiotic circus. But they all, to a man, said screw you.

However, due to the weak support that Oregon Democrats have given to law enforcement officials, sheriffs told Brown that they would not be participating in her plan.

Clackamas Sheriff Craig Roberts blasted Brown over her plan claiming that his department would participate, saying that “it’s about changing policy not adding resources.”

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett also indicated that he would not send deputies to assist, writing: “The lack of political support for public safety, the uncertain legal landscape, the current volatility combined with intense scrutiny on use of force presents an unacceptable risk if deputies were deployed directly.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is what happens when you turn your back on the one group dedicated to keeping your state safe. Idiot Democrats have demonized police for over three months. They defunded them and prevented them from protecting their cities. And they allowed violent rioters and looters out of jail to commit more crimes.

What did Brown think was going to happen?

The only way the nonsense in Portland will end is when these Democrats are kicked out of office.

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