Government Shutdown Looms As Democrats Fail To Accomplish Anything

If Congress were a private company, it would have gone out of business a long time ago. And I’m not talking about how it doesn’t provide goods or services or reckless spends other people’s money. I’m referring to the fact that, although it is run by grown adults, Congress can’t get anything done until the 11th hour.

Democrats currently enjoy a slim majority in both the House and Senate. That means, in many circumstances, they can side-step Republicans and get legislation passed. Yet, for some odd reason, the Democrats running both chambers are unable to get needed legislation through. Sure, they can waste months bickering over Biden’s bloated spending bills.

But when it comes to, you know, keeping the lights on, they can’t even hold a vote.

Now, with numerous deadlines looming, they have less than a week to get something down on paper.

By midnight on Friday, Congress must fund the federal government — and possibly address a looming debt default — to avoid a government shutdown…

The House could vote as early as Wednesday to avert a shutdown, sending the stopgap measure to the Senate. While leaders have yet to settle on an end date, they are mulling mid to late January. That span would buy top lawmakers and the White House less than two months to hash out a bipartisan deal, which would include revamped spending totals for the military and all the other federal agencies that have been running on autopilot since the new fiscal year began on Oct. 1…

Before Thanksgiving, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Congress that the debt ceiling — temporarily suspended by Congress in 2019 — must be raised by December 15. [Source: Daily Wire]

By the end of the week, Congress needs to pass a funding deal to keep the government open. At the same time, it needs to come up with a solution to the looming debt ceiling cap before the middle of the month. On top of that, Democrats have promised to pass Biden’s toxic socialist spending bill before Christmas.

That’s a tall order of bills to get passed, in a very short amount of time. And, although Democrats can technically get that all done without Republican support, they drag their feet. In addition, they blame Republicans for a lack of progress on these crucial items.

Republicans made it clear they will not support raising the debt ceiling. That move will pave the way for Biden’s reckless spending agenda. Democrats have the votes to do it themselves, but they appear to be too cowardly to do it. Even Donald Trump has urged Republicans to use their position as a powerful negotiation chip, but it doesn’t seem Mitch McConnell has ever negotiated in his entire life.

Democrats are scrambling. There is a huge burden they need to deal with. Clearly, they are too immature and leaderless to do this themselves. Republicans need to use this to pull America back from the Biden brink. But if Democrats refuse to negotiate, Republicans have to hang them out to dry. Force the left, who fought and cheated to regain the majority, to own this disaster.

After all, if they can’t even get a budget done, what good are they?

Author: Max Anderson